The City of Greendale Alpha V0.4.0

Come to the city of Greendale which has a bunch of shops, services, houses, and much more… Now you will see some there, some of the other things will come in future updates. As a whole, this map is very diverse in which you can see beaches to forests, small wooden houses to gigantic skyscrapers.

Don’t hesitate to download and explore this creative map

Cre: ZachTheReal

There are many cool things that will come to the city of Greendale in future updates. Now follow me, I will show you some of the things are existing on this map

The City of Greendale

A memorial to fallen Soldiers

There are a bunch of new Amusement Park Rides in this map

Roller Coaster

The Peaceful Park

A Drop Tower

A Target Shooter Game

Other things at amusement park in the city of Greendale

A Parking Lot

A Restroom


Some wooden small house

Once you spawn on the map, a brick wall with signs will appear. It includes some important information, so let read before starting to explore the map


– Added
+ A Bunch of new amusement Park Rides
+ A new Road Sign Vote! See the signs in the Game for more info. Location of Sign: Exit 1
– A new version coming soon
the city of Greendale

Download the city of Greendale vAlpha 0.4.0

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