Cherrycraft BE | Minecraft PE Texture Pack

Cherrycraft BE is a Minecraft PE/BE texture pack. It will replace birch with cherry. This pack modifies the appearance of all birch blocks and items with dark and light versions. Texture pack also changes the text mentions of birch when using American-English.

This pack originally belongs to: Cactuarplush. Textures were extracted with modifications from Mizuno’s 16 craft.

Cherrycraft BE

What’s the difference between the dark and light version?

  • The color of leaves and saplings is the only distinction
  • All the wooden double slab textures we’re also change to Mizuno’s. It function as a standalone, but it doesn’t fit with any other texture packs or vanilla.

Limitations of Minecraft Bedrock / Pocket Edition

I’ve changed some of the pack’s original files and codes to make it work in the Bedrock version. Some of the original features/textures on the Java version will not work on Bedrock edition, such as connected textures, variations, etc… In the future, we will fix or add some textures and features.


I also use shader for pictures, download shader pack for your Minecraf’s world

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