Minecraft M-G-P Texture Pack

This pack previously called Cleaner & Connectable Glass which is an upgrade for the stained glass textures. With M-G-P Texture Pack, the frame is removed from the glass. It makes stained glass blocks become more smooth and cleaner appearance. Suitable for those who like simplistic, modern, and clean designs.

Cre: Hothaifa

Features M-G-P Texture Pack

  • It mixed the Connectable glass texture pack and the cleaner stained glass pack together.
  • Connects the glass block textures by removing the frame and makes the glass cleaner by removing the pixels in the center of the block.
  • This pack works flawlessly on both version 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4 / 1.5 and the 1.6 beta


  • The original pack glass, full clean & connected
  • Full frame: Clean, but it has a black frame that surrounds the glass texture from all sides.
  • Horizontal lines: Clean, but it has a black line on top & down of the glass texture, making it connected from the right & left sides.
  • Vertical lines: Clean, but it has a black line on right & left of the glass texture, making it connected from the top & downsides.
  • Realistic gray rain & rain particles.
  • A certain shape to the default Minecraft sun & moon phases.
  • Connected bookshelf block.
  • In default choice, 100% hidden normal glass block & pane
  • New panorama, New title.
  • Vibrant color glass!

Shaders M-G-P Texture Pack

  • Enhanced illumination.
  • A new color of lighting, everything shines in the game.
  • A new color for the sky.
  • Directional lighting on blocks.
  • 70% lagless shaders.
  • And also the features of the normal version.
  • Other!

Minecraft Shaders


– 3 new costume glass textures:
+ Full frame, Horizontal lines & Vertical lines
+ The cleaner & Connectable glass which called now “Default”
+ You can choose and change anyone from the pack sittings

Added a certain shape to the default Minecraft sun & moon phases
– Add a.mcpack file
– New panorama
– The downloads crush in the game
– Shaders crashes
+ Make it more simple, lite and 70% more lag less
+ It doesn’t need to Optifine!
– A lot of fixes!
– Pack icon & the title, Green glass is normal pack, red glass is a shaders pack
– The names from “Cleaner & Connectable Glass Texture Pack” to “M-G-P Texture Pack”. That’s short for “#Minecraft-Glass-Project”
– Links, very fast & No problems!
– The glass had a vibrant color!
– The normal glass block & pane in the default choice is 100% hidden.
Removed all the old textures except:
+ The cleaner & Connectable glass, rain, rain particles and the bookshelf block

Notes from Hothaifa11

  • Set the “fancy graphics” option in video setting is ON, the shader not works when this option is OFF!
  • Wait the shaders pack activate, and do not delete it!
  • To active the shaders pack, you should use it on the official version of Minecraft, (not beta!).
  • The normal pack you can activate it on official or beta versions of Minecraft
    • Go to the Settings menu –> Global Resources
    • Click the wrench iron to open the Glass Selector menu.
    • Use the slider to switch between packs
    • You might need to restart the game for the changes to take effect.
  • Every pack (Normal or shaders) the size of it is 50mb because of the new costume glass textures. Both packs are very lagless, and you will not get any problems from it.
  • If you want a simple realistic, you can use the shaders pack that’s pack the same feature of the normal pack +1.


Resources Pack (Normal)
Resources Pack (Shader included)

You can get .Zip file here: Download .Zip

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Minecraft Shaders

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