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Halloween 2020 addon is updated for everyone who is waiting for the spookiest month of the year. Especially it’s spookier in the Minecraft game!! This addon will add new Halloween content into the game and it will add update each week on this October

Cre: AwesomeGamer7602

New mobs in Halloween 2020 Addon

Pumpkin Knight

This skeleton wields a sword and will charge at you. They also won’t burn in the sun because of wearing the pumpkin on their head.

  • Their attacks will inflict weakness onto you.
  • Drop their pumpkin and sometimes sword if they died
  • Can find in flower and birch forest biomes

Pumpkin Ghast

  • Can be found in flower and birch forests.
  • They start spitting projectiles at you if you get too close
  • Less damaging but has more health than a Ghast due to its tough pumpkin
  • Drop pumpkin If you kill them

Creepy Crawly

This is a terrifying giant spider that you can be found in the extreme hills biomes.

  • Lots of health and high attack damage
  • Sometimes inflicts blindness on you
  • If you kill them, they will drop a spider eye, some string, or rarely a Spider Heart which you can either eat to get strength, resistance and nausea for 30 seconds or you can make a Cobweb staff who shooting slow cobwebs
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Candy Parrot

It doesn’t spawn anywhere right now, but I will change that in Halloween addon next update.

  • Immune to fire but hurt by water
  • Lots of health but never moves
  • You will get candy if you kill them, but the candy is not a very good food source but can be eaten fast

How to get Bag of Candy?

You can get a bag of candy by crafting (make a bag out of leather and string).

Then merge the bag with 5 candy, you will get a bag of candy

Zombie Chicken

This is a zombie chicken but it doesn’t out for brains. It can be found in Mesa and desert biomes

  • It will attack all other animals as well as you. Attacks inflict fatal poison
  • Burn in sunlight
  • Drop rotten flesh if they are killed


This terrifying mob is a Villager without a head that can be found in the Nether.

  • Cannot move
  • Doesn’t make sounds and the ability to defenseless
  • Doesn’t drop anything if you kill them

Why would you waste your time killing these poor souls?

Other Feature

Pumpkin Sword

Make a Pumpkin sword with a stick and 2 pumpkins

This sword increases your maximum health from 20 to 30 while holding!

Jack’O Crossbow

A new ranged weapon that can be crafted with string, stick, Jack o’lantern, and block of iron

It shoots projectiles that can explode and light their target on fire. If you consider them too strong, I might change the recipe.

Bottle of Blood

This is a new spooky item in this Halloween addon. To get blood, you need to use commands (it will change in the next update)

The Shield

The shield texture has been changed to look pumpkin-like but hasn’t supported to be upside down. It will be fixed in the first update

Spooky Trees

This is a new tree type that added to the Halloween addon. You can find them in Taiga biomes.

2 new blocks are Spooky Leaves and Spooky Logs. Spooky leaves don’t do anything but Spooky Logs can be crafted into Spooky Planks.

These Planks can craft into either a crafting table or sticks in the same way as any other wood, or a new Spooky Wood Sword which has the same stats as the normal wooden sword


– Added:
+ 5 new mobs: Death, Candy Corn Glider, Sweet Slime. Bloody Strider and The Thing
+ 5 new items: Candy Corn, Sweet Sludge, Nether Blood, Gravediggin Shovel, and Scythe
+  A spooky new texture for the Elytra
– A bottle of blood can now be crafted with nether blood and a glass bottle but still does nothing though
– Reduce damage: Zombie Chicken
– Pumpkin Ghast doesn’t spawn as frequently now
Halloween 2020 addon

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[…] Halloween 2020 Addon for Minecraft Pe […]


[…] 👉 If you like our the map, you can also check our Linear Graph Plotting Redstone Computer; Halloween 2020 Addon […]


[…] If you like our the map, you can also check our Linear Graph Plotting Redstone Computer; Halloween 2020 Addon […]

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