Scp Breach Remake v4 [Creation]

A big facility with dangerous anomalies is waiting for you! Come to the SCP Breach Remake creation map that is inspired by SCP: Secret Laboratory and SCP: Containment Breach. You can play multiplayer and also use it to play alone. I have to say this is a huge map that includes almost all the rooms found in SCP – Containment Breach.

Cre: Alfaizchan, Youtube, Twitter

Scp Breach Remake is not made by me!

This is a roleplay intended recreation of the facility from SCP – CB. You will see a more full exterior, a lot of Redstone, and a working side lockdown system. The most important is a working warhead system which blows up the whole facility if it’s activated.

Besides that, this map also works with Redstone:

  • SCP-294 which only works with Quarters from the 2004-SCP Addon resource pack
  • 914-SCP works with Keycards
  • SCP-500 from the 2004-SCP Addon resource pack, and only one item at a time

Scp Breach Remake made by:

Map: Angious2004

Mod: Bendythedemon18

I changed the sound of SCP 096 and SCP 012

Scp Labels: Me

SCP 079 texture

The door sounds and step sounds:Julius Scizzor

Door texture and facility wall: LC Studios

Epic shader: BlueLight Creatives Studio

This map is not for lower device!!!

Important things:

  • You must have 2004-Scp Addon and Scp foundation addon in this Scp Breach Remake addon
  • The Bow Tie Man who designs most of the Redstone includes the piston doors and working conference room. But CobblestoneAndDirt designed the mechanism for the lockrooms
  • I’m not using 2004-SCP Skin Pack and Addon and SCP: collaboration but you can use the computers and chairs from those addons to decorate the map.
Scp Breach Remake

Minecraft Shaders

Explore Scp Breach Remake map!!!

Note from creator

  • Do not reupload this map without my permission
  • If you are using this map for any of your content, you must credit me and angious2004 by linking this page or my YouTube channel
  • Don’t claim this is your work
  • Don’t share the direct link on any other page

Especially, big thanks to:

  • ANGIOUS2004

Aaddon and map: The Bow Tie Man – CobblestoneAndDirt

Design this map: LC Studios – Julius Scizzor

SCP  resource: BlueLight Creatives Studio

Here is his epic shader

Finally, thanks for everything!! I make it very hard so stop milking this map!!


Scp Breach Remake


– New Scp
– Gate c (not complete)
– Scp door
– Scp labels v2
Bug fix ( gate A)
Lag fix (gate A)
Fix AlfaizChan skin

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Minecraft Shaders

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[…] 👉 If you like this addon, you can also check our Cave Enhancements Addon, Scp Breach Remake v4 […]

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