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Buildable Campfire addon will help you make a campfire on the crafting table, use this addon and start making campfires directly on the ground.

Creator: Minecraft_TV_Indonesia (Twitter, Youtube)

Buildable Campfire

How to Build Campfire Minecraft?

  • First, you have to look for logs (Oak Logs, Spruce Logs, …) once you have logs, turn them into log pieces in crafting.
  • After having a log piece, you must also have (coal/charcoal) for Campfire, (soul sand/soul soil) for the soul campfire, and a tool to light the fire, and do as below.
  • And your campfire is ready


  • Make sure your world has experimental Gameplay enabled
  1. In addition, to build a campfire, logs pieces can be used as fuel for 40 duration
  • The method of making a campfire directly on the ground also benefits you, because you only have to have 2 logs, 1 coal, and a tool to light the fire, in contrast to the crafting recipe, which requires 3 logs, 1 coal, and 3 sticks
  • If you want to make a normal campfire, put coal or charcoal after placing the log piece. and if you want to make a soul campfire, put soul sand or soul soil after placing the log piece.

You can set between turning on or off the 3D item (player.json) v1.3.7

buildable Campfire

Minecraft Furniture Mod


Make sure you turn on Experimental Gameplay:

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Additional Modding Capabilities
  • Upcoming Creator Features



  • Add charcoal that can be used as a substitute for coal when making a normal campfire
  • Added a step to put soul sand and soul soil if you want to make a soul campfire


  • 3D item For Log Piece


  • Change log piece item to block
  • Add sub packs in the resource pack
  • Now the direction of the campfire adjusts the direction of the player
mcpeaddons download

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