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Buildable Campfire addon will help you make a campfire on the crafting table, use this addon and start making campfires directly on the ground.

Creator: Minecraft_TV_Indonesia (Twitter, Youtube)

Buildable Campfire

How to Build Campfire Minecraft?

  • First, you have to look for logs (Oak Logs, Spruce Logs, …) once you have logs, turn them into log pieces in crafting.
  • After having a log piece, you must also have (coal/charcoal) for Campfire, (soul sand/soul soil) for the soul campfire, and a tool to light the fire, and do as below.
  • And your campfire is ready


  • Make sure your world has experimental Gameplay enabled
  1. In addition, to build a campfire, logs pieces can be used as fuel for 40 duration
  • The method of making a campfire directly on the ground also benefits you, because you only have to have 2 logs, 1 coal, and a tool to light the fire, in contrast to the crafting recipe, which requires 3 logs, 1 coal, and 3 sticks
  • If you want to make a normal campfire, put coal or charcoal after placing the log piece. and if you want to make a soul campfire, put soul sand or soul soil after placing the log piece.
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You can set between turning on or off the 3D item (player.json) v1.3.7

buildable Campfire


Make sure you turn on Experimental Gameplay:

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Additional Modding Capabilities
  • Upcoming Creator Features



  • Add charcoal that can be used as a substitute for coal when making a normal campfire
  • Added a step to put soul sand and soul soil if you want to make a soul campfire


  • 3D item For Log Piece


  • Change log piece item to block
  • Add sub packs in the resource pack
  • Now the direction of the campfire adjusts the direction of the player
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