MCBE Among Us v2 (Revamped Vents, Bug Fixes & More!)

What do you think to play Among us in Minecraft? This map is for you!! MCBE Among Us v1.1 works pretty similarly to the actual Among us with fully functional. You can join the gameplay from 4 to 10 players, then find the Impostor or finish your tasks!

CreJuliusScizzor (YoutubeTwitter)

MCBE Among Us v1.1 is a collaboration between:
– JuliusScizzor: made the code and commands
– DyDyOOF: made the models and textures (except for Reactor & Engine models, which are by me)

This map is a recreation of Among Us by Innersloth.

MCBE Among Us Instructions

– If you are using this map for ANY of your content, you MUST credit me by linking to me & DyDyOOF’s YouTube channel
– You are not allowed to:

  • Edit the code, if you want to learn from it, sure, but note that copying and pasting isn’t learning.
  • Extract the add-on for your own use. It is intended to only work with this map
  • Share the direct link (Mediafire link), only share this page.

– Since this is at the top of the page, ignorance of these instructions does not excuse breaking them.

MCBE Among Us Features

Lobby Settings

New Year Minecraft Skin

Freeplay Mode

Console Commands

Dy and apple chilling

Cafeteria (and a wild dy)

Download MCBE Among Us v2 .mcworld

Admin (and yes there is card swipe)

Storage (with de floaty box)

Lower Engine

ReactorMCBE Among Us

Working Security Cams

Sometimes you need to exit and enter it if it doesn’t switch



Apple chilling in the lobby

Apple vibin in the lobby

Colour Selection System

There have 15 skins to choose from


  • You need to re-configure the in-game settings if it doesn’t work
  • If MCBE Among Us is lag, you should try looking around 360 degrees, so the game can load the chunks
  • The map works similarly to the actual Among Us game, but there are a lot of the tasks are simplified.
  • There are also working sabotages, some aspects have been changed since this is Minecraft after all.
  • The O2 sabotage has only 1 part to it, in O2. It takes 60 seconds before depletion so mobile players can have time to fix the sabotage. It uses a randomized code generation system with the help of MajesticButter (he also helped with some other systems in this map like voting)


MCBE Among Us v1.1:
– You now have to be a crewmate before being able to start a game
– Added:
+ more lobby settings
+ a little more instructions in-game
+ Freeplay mode (look at the screenshot for more info)
– Console settings (only for the host)
– You can run functions like :
/function console/tp_skeld
/function console/tp_cmd
– Hopefully made security a bit more reliable
– Made all items not droppable
MCBE Among Us

Download MCBE Among Us v2 .mcworld
or here (backup)

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