Actual guns mod 3D for MCPE

If you are looking for Actual guns mod 3D, Portal gun mod, modern weapons addon for Minecraft. Come to the collection of free Minecraft 1.16 gun mods where you can download unlimited well-known guns, replenish your combat stock, and improvements for your Minecraft shooting game!!

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Actual guns mod 3D

Minecraft Gun Mod

Using Laser gun, Portal guns mod, Actual gun CSO, 3D guns, and much more… to defeat the enemy and also protect yourself against aggressive players and zombies. Upgrade battle experiences in MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition)


  • Modern weapons and guns, actual and beautiful models.
  • Functionalities of each gun will bring you new emotions when playing the game.
  • Some types of weapons for Minecraft have unique properties and their own effect and gun sounds of a shot.
  • Use the guns with the help of 2 buttons: sight and shot. All the most popular addon and guns mod are waiting for you inside Actual guns mod 3D for MCPE

All actual guns mod 3D are based on realistic, have their own statistics and some have special abilities. There are many types of guns such as an assault rifle, shotgun, grenade launcher, minigun,.. with a unique view on them

Each weapon works is quite self-explanatory in-game and that’s one of the clear advantages with the mod.


Minecraft Gun Mod

mcpeaddons download

(Download Actual guns mod 3D Android)
(Download Actual guns mod 3D iOS)

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Minecraft Gun Mod

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[…] Actual guns mod 3D […]


[…] Actual guns mod 3D […]

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