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Banglamine City is a vast city to explore. This city was created with inspired by Bangladeshi urban architecture and infrastructure. It was the most popular creation among the entire Bangladesh Minecraft community.

Credit: RenderPhoenix C

This city was built on a flat world, with massive area. The whole city is surrounded by borders. There are many types of buildings in this city that was made as a replica of the real-life building of Bangladesh.

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

Banglamine city includes streets and paths, residential and commercial areas, local markets, 2 railway stations, parks, slums, stadium,…etc

Crop fields beyond the city:

National memorable Building

National Mosque

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

banglamine city

DOWNLOAD Banglamine City Map

Parkour Map for Minecraft PE Maps

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Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

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