Evercity Minecraft Map Creation

Evercity map is based on 4 different cities: Downtown – Old Downtown – Our FarmVillage and this map which is spawn area that called “The Main city”

Cre: Evercity-community, Twitter, Youtube


This creation Minecraft map is built by Mistely and QDS_

It includes:

  • Amain city, an old downtown, a port, an industrial area, a modern neighbourhood, and a train station, a stadium, an airport, plus some other cool stuff.

Now let explore some areas and see how it beautiful!

The main city

There is only some of the building is decorated inside, outside will add more nature and decorations to make this map become nicer


Train station

Modern neighbourhood

Street system


All the photos on this post are used Sylum Shader: Click here to download

Note from creator:

If you make showcase this map in your video or something, we recommend copying this and paste it in the description

Created by Mistely and QDS_
Map link:https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/city-map-made-by-farmeren04/
Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaozZMpF5W5_8-9Y848VUxA?view_as=subscriber


– Added:
+ More houses to the suburban area
+ Prison
+ New island
+ Cruise ship + carferry
– Finished the airport
– Expanded the harbor
– Split downtown up into two areas: Modern and American style


You can get .Zip file here: Download Map (zipfile)

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