Wasteland Biome V1.0.1 | Addon for MCPE

Have you ever thought you would live in a dead and deserted biome where not many things are living? It’s unbelievable, isn’t it?

However, it is really interesting if you can explore and experience a Wasteland biome in Minecraft with addon – Wasteland Biome V1.0.1

What’s in Wasteland Biome V1.0.1?

Welcome to a fun and exciting adventure and a dangerous one through a lifeless biome, as you can see in the picture add on Wasteland Biome V1.0.1 will bring you to a world where there’s no leaves and no grass and no flowers. The only plant you can find is a Dead Shrub… and here besides dead trees there are animals like Rats, Cayotes, and Vultures. 

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Be careful the vultures flying in the sky can attack you at any time and stay a good distance from Cayote’s because they will come after you. 

If Rats meet you they will run away, you can catch them and kill the cayote, cook all in a furnace for food. 

These are useless The Rats, you can hit them for your own fun

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

These are the Dead Shrubs. There’s not much use for them except decoration.

This is a Vulture! Be aware when they approach you

Kill a cayote for a delicious meal

Wasteland Biome V1.0.1 is a very cool add-on, installed now and it will be added automatically when you open your Minecraft.

Wasteland Biome V1.0.1

 or here

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