DarkAge Bizarre Addon for Minecraft

Do you want the night in Minecraft to become harder? With difficult bosses, structures with very good loot, super-powerful items, and mobs?? All these things will help you in your adventure – DarkAge Bizarre Addon that you will see now

Cre: Petergamer XD, Youtube, Twitter

DarkAge Bizarre MOBS


They are a group of people who live in camps, are frequently generated, and have different weapons. They also trade things from you but if you try to steal them, they attack you without mercy.

Mercenary can also be hired if you trade frequently with them

Stinky Medical

A doctor in DarkAge Bizarre is locked up in a dirty house and he likes reading books, so you can see him hold the book and read constantly. He will sell you several things including

  • The stinky mask that gives night vision
  • The syringe with suspicious blood which he left to you to guess who you have to give it.


It’s domesticated with all kinds of meat except rotten. These owls will climb on your shoulder and help you to drive away ghost-type mobs. The owls actually can help you a lot in your adventure

Panda Jade

He will protect structure (two structures that generate in the Jungle and one of them will appear very rare, and contains very good loot). Panda Jade has several attacks with the damage varies



This is a strong boss in this DarkAge Bizarre addon, its damage is enormous! Plague boss appears with two companions (two plague wolves that will help it in its hunt). It will attack all living beings in your Minecraft world! Destroy the towns with great ease.

If your world is daytime, Plague will appear and make it becomes nighttime! Seems Plague boss like a mob that brings tragedies to your world, it regenerates when it kills a mob!

When he is killed, he gives you the sword of the plague and the head of the plague and rotten flesh and bones

Unbound Elemental

One of a powerful mob with projectiles craters that look as if an asteroid fell there. It also summons Unboneds to help it in its slaughter

It will appear asleep in a structure in the forest. If you hit it and make it wake up, it will start its attack and absorb the fire and lava

When it dies, it drops unbound crystal, unbound orb, netherite, and bones.


The nagars appear with 5 aggressive bees next to a tree that is generated by the forests.
The enemies of Nagar are plague and the player, several attacks will invoke flowers that in a while become minions of nagars.

When he has little life he will take out some shoots from the ground that will give regeneration 2 to the nagars, so you have to kill him quickly!!

When he dies he drops Nagar wood and Nagar heart that serve for important crafting.

They do not have a boss bar at the moment because they plan to make a personalized one in the future.

Items DarkAge Bizarre

Stinky mask

Buying this mark from stinky medical, when you put it on it gives you night vision.

Plague Head

Plague Sword

  • Damage: 10
  • Can be enchanted
  • Obtained from the Plague

Unbound Staff

A very powerful staff that shoots Unbound projectiles. If you crouch and press, unboneds will come out that will attack all mobs (except the player) and follow you if you have the staff in hand.

Crafted: unbound orb, unbound crystal and nagars wood

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Human Flesh

Killing the mercenary to get it. It will give you many negative effects If you eat it raw. When it’s cooked in oven, smoker and campfire will give you nausea and more nutrition.

Jade Ingot And Jade Armor

Jjade ingot: Jade Shard and Gold

Jade Armor

  • Can be enchanted
  • You are immune to recoil but it gives you slow 2 because of how heavy it is.

Nagars machinery

This mob DarkAge Bizarre serves for trips in your Minecraft world, it also very useful, its storage space will make you incredible and its jump too


DarkAge Bizarre

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