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This Waste Landers Add-on will make your Minecraft world more different than ever. These add-ons add biomes and absolutely no trees, grass, and more new mobs.

Addons Creator: The WTFverse

Waste Landers Add-on

Waste Landers Add-on
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

WasteLanders is a post-apocalyptic mod that will give you a unique Minecraft experience. New aggressive monsters, structures, biomes, and food are all included in this addition! The food, not the biome remodeling, is the centerpiece of this addon.

In the spirit of overhauling, I’ve removed all of the leaves from the existing biomes and replaced them with gritty soil. To give the landscape a “dead” effect, I modified the flora, fog color, water color, and even the sky box.

Three additional biomes were also built! The Wastelands (original name, right?) is the first biome, and it has some new creatures, structures, and a new block known as dead grass.

The Scorched Lands, a burnt land home to the blood wings (more on them later), and where you can locate the new blocks known as bloodstone and scorched grass, is my favorite biome.

As you tour the territories, the new mobs will provide you with a formidable challenge.

The Cockroach, Wasteland Crawler, and Horn Fly are the most common enemies you’ll face. They will drop new things that you will be able to utilize in the near future (with the exception of the horn fly for the time being). Also, because animals do not spawn until the next update, cockroaches drop meat to consume and cook so you have something to eat. (This was done on purpose.)

Cave Crawlers and Tube Worms are rarer mobs. They don’t have any drops yet, but they’ll be useful for something other than trying to kill you.

My personal favorites, the Scorpion and the Blood Wing, were reserved for last. They can be found in the Wastelands and the Scorched Lands. The Scorpions spawn in the Wastelands and are, at least in one-on-one combat, the more lethal of the two mobs. When swarming, the Blood Wings, on the other hand, are the most lethal creatures in this addon. They can spawn everywhere in the scorched regions, but they’re most abundant in blood hives, where they can swarm you quickly.

The Everglades is a swamp environment with restoring vegetation and animals.

Cities are currently forming in the plains biome.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

I also included custom constructions that generate goodies at random.

There’s a lot more in this addon that I haven’t told you about, so download it and check it out.

NOTE: Pictures have been temporarily removed while I work on new ones. On New Year’s Day, we’ll be back up and running.

Waste Landers Add-on
Waste Landers Add-on
Waste Landers Add-on

The Wastelanders Addons will add some new mobs.

The new mobs will give you one heck of a challenge as you travel the lands. The Cockroach, WasteLand Crawler, and the Horn Fly will be the common foes you will encounter.

They will drop new items (with the exception of the horn fly for now) that you will be able to use in the near future. Also, Cockroach drops meat to eat and cook so that you have something to eat since animals do not spawn anymore until the next update.

Rarer mobs are the Cave Crawler (spawn in a cave) and the Tube Worm(spawn in water). They have no drop yet but have an actual use besides trying to kill you. (papillahaircare.com)

The last ones, the Scorpion and Blood Wing. They spawn in the Wastelands and Scorched Lands respectively. The Scorpion spawn in the Wastelands and more lethal mobs of the two at least in one on one combat. The Blood Wings on the other hand are the most lethal mobs in this addon when they swarm you.

They spawn anywhere in the scorched lands but are most commonly found in blood hives, where they can easily swarm you.

This add-on also added custom structures that spawn random loot.

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