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Warden and Archeology Addon adds the fully integrated Warden mob and Sculk blocks, brushes and archeology system to your Minecraft foot. The mob warden will spawn alongside the blocks by default.

Cre: Andr0_BR

Warden and Archeology Addon

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You may receive all Sculk blocks and the mob spawn egg Sculk Shrieker in the creative by entering / Warden function in chat.

Warden and Archeology Addon

This block generates a terrifying sound and a particle when triggered by a sculk sensor. When a sculk sensor activates this block, it creates a terrifying sound and a particle emerges from the block. 

Sculk Shrieker

When a sculk sensor activates this block, it emits a terrifying sound and a particle emerges from the b. When a sculk sensor activates this block, it creates a terrifying sound and a particle emerges from it. 

Warden and Archeology Addon


With 84 health hearts and a 31 heart attack damage, the giant scary mob has arrived to terrify you. It’s not easy to take it down because it’s swift, powerful, and agile, so don’t be deceived into believing he’s easy to fight just because he’s clumsy.

The most fascinating aspect of this mob is that it is blind and navigates by vibrations. It can be distracted with snowballs and eggs, and it communicates with weird plants. the sensors of the sculk Yes, you read it correctly, the mob communicates with the sculk sensor, as will be shown in part 2 of the cave and cliffs update.


Part 2 of the update will include the archeological system, but I’ve already completed it. You may get all archeological artifacts by typing /function Archeology in the chat.

Warden and Archeology Addon

Brushes have been discovered in ancient sites all around the world.

Earth and gravel will be present in the construction, and when you interact with them while holding a brush, you will begin to clear the block and obtain goodies.

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Items in Warden and Archeology Addon that tell the tale of Minecraft‘s world are present and functional; combining them in pots will form a lovely ceramic vase; ceramics can only be gotten from the excavations. See the image below:


With the addition of the brush sweep motion, lush caves, as well as dripstone caves and deep dark caves, will now spawn organically. We’ve also included a new background and title.


After you’ve completed the steps above, click on the pot with the flint and steel.

Mangrove Swamp 

Mangrove trees, frogs, and tadpoles will naturally spawn it throughout the planet.

Mangrove Forest

Mangue Wood is made from mangrove trees and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including doors, trapdoors, fences, fences gates, steps, slabs, and more.

Frogs with tadpoles and boats with chests

In the swamp and Mangrove swamp biomes, toads and tadpoles will be bred.

Boats with chests can be made on the workbench using a boat and a chest.

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All add-on goods are visible in the inventory.



There will be an additional file next to the main addon that is very crucial for the fences to work effectively, therefore activate it superimposed on the main addon.


  • the initials
  • Only the 1.17 beta version of the addon works, so go ahead and try it out.

Download Warden and Archeology Addon

Download Warden and Archeology Addon (Drive)

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