Utility UI v4.0.0

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Utility UI is a texture pack that optimizes the interface. You can customize to control whether things happen or not by turning ON and OFF in the settings. In addition, the author creates many other useful modules which we show below.

Creator: HJN (Discord)

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The advantage of this package is that the pack size is very optimized and the overhaul of the package does not affect the gaming experience of the game. Disabling the options in the widget panel results in a clean user interface experience.

Utility UI

Features Menu Utility UI

How to open the menu?

Well, you need to double-click the top left toggle on the pause screen.

Utility UI

Features Menu

New adjustments (v4.0.0)

Utility UI
Utility UI
Utility UI
Utility UI
Utility UI
Utility UI
Utility UI
Utility UI
Utility UI

Now with a New Features menu design and java Hotbar aspects, Also with new tabs!

Compatible with VDX Java UI!

Utility UI

What’s the new Utility UI v4.0.0?

  1. Added more music slots
  2. Added tooltips
  3. Added more settings
  4. Added new modules
  5. Added new pages
  6. Enlarged mod menu
  7. Reworked mod menu open button
  8. And more you will find out yourself

Some Minecraft Texture Pack, you can explore more at Mcpeaddons.com


Utility UI

Download Utility UI v4.0

Download Utility UI DLC

Download Utility Patch

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:
Utility UI

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