Cthulhu Addon for Minecraft Pe

Cthulhu Addon is a giant ancient creature living in the sea and maybe involve Godzilla. It looks similar to an octopus but bigger and has wings and hands. Basically Cthulhu is a boss addon who causes worldwide madness!!!

Cre: TheEnderface, Twitter

How does Cthulhu Addon work?

Cthulhu looks outside quite hard to look, but he extremely huge. He might become one of the largest bosses in Minecraft that you have to fight

  • Cthulhu is hostile towards players.
  • Replaces by ghasts
  • 10% spawn chance that a squid will spawn as Cthulhu.
  • You can find him both in the Overworld and in the Nether.
  • Attack: shoot blindness projectiles, causes damage as well as a blindness effect for two seconds.

If Cthulhu dies, It will drop anywhere between 32 – 64 ink sacs


  • Ghasts has been replaced by Cthulhu
  • Shoots ink at targets (shulker projectiles), causes 2 seconds of blindness
  • Health: 375 hearts
  • Drops 32 – 64 ink sacs
  • Squids have a 10% chance to become a Cthulhu when spawning


Behavior Cthulhu .McPack

Resource Cthulhu .McPack

Cthulhu .ZIP

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