Ultra Realismo Shader V1.4 (Android/iOS)

Ultra Realismo Shader V1.4 is more realistic with the purpose of improving the graphics for a greater gaming experience based on the canceled project of Mojang Super Duper Graphics Pack only compatible with Android/iOS

Creator: TheAlexanderツ(Twitter, Youtube)

Ultra Realismo Shader

  • Day and night color
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Shadows and lighting
  • Realistic waters
  • Nether
  • Other screenshots:

V1.4 Features

  • Colorful world
  • Rain effect
  • Foggy day and night
  • Lighting coloring
  • Realistic sky based on Super Duper Graphics Pack
  • Realistic water
  • Movement in crops
  • Water wave
  • Realistic shadow
  • Waves and underwater caustics
  • Movement in leaves and plants
  • Nether similar to Java Edition Shaders Option to configure the clouds


  • This option, as the shader says, is to deactivate the second layer of clouds if you don’t like cloudy skies
  • And this option is to activate the second layer of clouds for mor similar to the Duper Duper Graphics Pack
  • NOTE: It’s very important to restart Minecraft when changing the option so that it can work correctly

Minecraft Shaders


mcpeaddons download

If you want to make your Minecraft’s world look more beautiful, you can download the shader below:

Minecraft Shaders

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2 years ago

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