Ultra Realismo Shader V1.4 (Android/iOS)

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Ultra Realismo Shader V1.4 is more realistic with the purpose of improving the graphics for a greater gaming experience based on the canceled project of Mojang Super Duper Graphics Pack only compatible with Android/iOS

Creator: TheAlexanderツ(Twitter, Youtube)

Ultra Realismo Shader

  • Day and night color
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Shadows and lighting
  • Realistic waters
  • Nether
  • Other screenshots:

V1.4 Features

  • Colorful world
  • Rain effect
  • Foggy day and night
  • Lighting coloring
  • Realistic sky based on Super Duper Graphics Pack
  • Realistic water
  • Movement in crops
  • Water wave
  • Realistic shadow
  • Waves and underwater caustics
  • Movement in leaves and plants
  • Nether similar to Java Edition Shaders Option to configure the clouds


  • This option, as the shader says, is to deactivate the second layer of clouds if you don’t like cloudy skies
  • And this option is to activate the second layer of clouds for mor similar to the Duper Duper Graphics Pack
  • NOTE: It’s very important to restart Minecraft when changing the option so that it can work correctly


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If you want to make your Minecraft’s world look more beautiful, you can download the shader below:


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1 year ago

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