Medieval Fortress Map (1.16.100+)

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A massive fortification with residences is seen on Medieval Fortress map. All of the houses have been decorated on the inside. Everything is decorated, including the roads, the fountain, and the residences. A special forest is also located near the fortification.

Cre: EndXenoc MCPE (Youtube)

Medieval Fortress Map (1.16.100+)

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This map depicts a medieval fortification with numerous houses. Inside, all of the houses are decorated with various villagers’ professions. The entrances are controlled by orders that may be found; simply press the lever to enter the fortress.

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The major input commands are located below the lever at a height of y = 0.

Near the fortress, there is a special forest.

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Medieval Fortress Map

Download Medieval Fortress Map (1.16.100+)

Download Medieval Fortress Map (1.16.100+)

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