The Ty-el’s Settings Overlay UI Pack Guide

A UI treatment pack for Vanilla UI – The Ty-el’s Settings Overlay UI Pack is not like normal, it adds some magical screen properties to the in-game. Including Settings Screen to get Camera Perspective toggle on HUD and instant Settings button.

This pack only works for devices having Touch Capabilities, and is compatible with many other UI packs too!

Cre: real_tlgm, Twitter

The Ty-el’s Settings Overlay UI Pack


  • If you are playing on version 1.18.30 or newer, you will need to change your game Touch Control Schemes’ Interaction Model to Classic, if not, this pack will be unusable.
  • This pack is made only for devices with Touch capabilities, it can be on your phone, tablet, or on PC but supports Touch, etc.
  • Make sure you choose the correct version of The Ty-el’s Settings Overlay UI Pack!
  • The game may be very laggy if you are playing on some low-end devices. 

How to Setting

Step 1: Make sure you are in a Minecraft world and tap the Pause button to open the Pause Screen.

Step 2: Tap on Enable Settings Overlay button. (It could be Settings or Options, depending on your topmost packs)

It will show the popup”Settings Overlay enabled successfully!” and 3 new buttons will show up on the top of the screen.

The first button on the left most is the Camera Perspective toggle. The player can change your personal perspective when playing!

The Gear icon is Setting Button. This can be modified world setting right there (Instant Settings).

The last button on-screen “X” icon is Quit Settings Button, which removes Setting Overlay. Back to the normal gameplay and bring to you automatically to Pause Screen.

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Packs Compatibility

The Ty-el’s Settings Overlay UI Pack is compatible with most UI packs, but make sure you have to put this pack below those packs

Minecraft Shaders

Terms of Use

You are allowed to:

  • Create content but you must leave the original download link in the description.
  • Modify the pack but you can’t redistribute your modified packs

You are not allowed to:

  • Use, or claim any of my code and use it as your own, without permission, please respect my hard work.
  •  Re-upload The Ty-el’s Settings Overlay UI Pack to different sites without my permission.
  •  Make content but no credits or use any different direct download links instead of the original link.


The Ty-el's Settings Overlay UI Pack

📥Tyel_SettingsOverlay_1.14 to1.18.12.mcpack

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