Texture Packs16x16Java Aspects Texture Pack for Minecraft

Java Aspects Texture Pack for Minecraft

One of the best Minecraft texture pack 16x for Minecrafter. Now you can easily create Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with the feels, sound, … like the original version of Minecraft called Java Edition. Java Aspects can change the water, bees, particles, and more!. Explore now!

Cre: AgentMindStorm, Youtube, Twitter

Java Aspects – Java Minecraft texture pack

This Java Aspects pack supports New Default textures or Programmer Art textures.

  • Adjust the pack option by selecting the gear on the resource packs screen.
  • Programmer Art textures require you to have the Classic Texture Pack from the Marketplace enabled below Java Aspects.

Feature List

The features will begin with * are unique to Java Aspects (Fidelity). [Not in Java Aspects (Performance)]

Universal Features

Weeping VinesBlackstone Slabs and Stairs
Cut Red Sandstone BottomChiseled Red Sandstone Bottom
WaterMelon Bottom
Ominous BannerGrasses and Ferns
Snowy Grass Block SideCarried and Opaque Leaves
Carried Grass Block TopSave Structure Block
Load Structure BlockStructure Void
LightOld Nether Reactor
Kelp SeagrassSoul Lantern
LavaWaterSea Lantern
Stem SidesFireSmoker Front
Soul FireStonecutter SawSoul Campfire
Magma BlockNether PortalCampfire
Respawn Anchor Top

Sculk SensorSculk Catalyst
Block Animations
Empty hand attacking*Held item position and size (first and third person)Punching animationCrouching position
Shield blocking animationAiming animationsIdle arm position and animationCape animation and position
Elytra animationTooting goat horn animationZombie chasing and attackingDrowned swimming
Skeleton idle arm positionSkeleton bow aimingCreeper exploding white overlayEnderman shaking animation
Witch nose position and bobbingWither spawning animation
Piglin arm position and ear bobbingPiglin celebrating head position
Pillager crossbow aiming animationPufferfish fins and bobbingBee bobbing and wing speedFish flopping
Wolf tail alignmentVex arm position and attackingEnd crystal animationBurning and hurt entity overlays
Tropical fish flopping rotation speedVindicator and zombie villager offhand item positionVillager held item position and leg movement speedRemoved blinking
Entity Animations


  • Items
  • Entities
  • Interface
  • Sounds
  • Water
  • Particles
  • much more

Minecraft Gun Mod

New Default

Nether Wart Block
Cactus Side
Piston Side
Sticky Piston Side
Purpur Pillar Top
Pumpkin Top
Smoker Bottom
Bed Legs
Old Stonecutter

Filled Maps
Tipped Arrows
Command Block Minecart
Grasses and Ferns
Lily Pad

Dragon Fireball
Savanna Villager Base
Cleric Villager
Biome-specific Zombie Villagers
Llama Chests
Iron Golem
Old Villagers
Old Zombie Villagers
Leather Cap


  • Brewing stand bottle outline
  • Enchanting table lapis outline
  • Equipment tab
  • Mobile armor tab

Programmer Art

Crying Obsidian
Horn Coral Block
Brain Coral Block
Acacia Door
Birch Door
Dark Oak Door
Jungle Door
Smithing Table Top
Dried Kelp
Bucket of Pufferfish
Command Block Minecart

White Rabbit


Explore Java Aspects pack Christmas Chest

This pack works or without the Minecraft Java Aspects pack. Christmas Chests replaces the default chest textures and icons with Java Edition’s Christmas-themed textures for a more festive experience.

There are two download options below: Fidelity and Performance.

  • Fidelity: it contains features that cause more lag such as item icons, and held item positions,… but crashes the Minecraft game on mobile devices.
  • The performance runs better but doesn’t include durability bars, held item positions, or item icons.

Note: Recommend Mobile Minecraft players should download the Performance version of Java Aspects texture pack.

Java Aspects and Christmas Chests are guaranteed compatible with VDX: Java UI 1.2.1 and Multipixel 1.19, but you must match the load order in the screenshot below:

If you like this addon at mcpeaddons.com, you can also check these ones:


Horns and Highlights Update (5.1.1):
– Lines that begin with * are features unique to Java Aspects (not planned for Console Aspects).
– Universal:Textures, Block Animations, and Properties
+ Added the snowy grass side texture from Java Edition
+ Blackstone stairs and slabs now use different top and side textures 
+ Carried mangrove propagule and leaves now match Java Edition


Java Aspects

Download Java Aspects (Performance) – Required for Mobile Devices or here

Download Java Aspects (Fidelity) – Crashes on Mobile Devices or here

Download Christmas Chests or here

Minecraft Gun Mod

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