The Better Seas Mammals Addon

Advanced AI and detailed animal models are included by The Better Seas Addon! Starting with various dolphin species! In the future, we’ll use the add-on with many animal species. With this upgrade, we will even surpass the finest dolphin AI! With the help of this addon, several rivers and the oceans will come to life with extremely active animal behaviors! Our first bundle with an ocean theme is here! Come see our latest update on semi-aquatics and whales!

Creator: DolphinMasterMB (Youtube)

[The Better Seas Addon]

The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas


The beginning [Dolphins]:

The spectacular dolphin species in our initial release will include everything from large orcas to tiny porpoises! My friend Dinoking2021 created the incredibly intricate models and textures for those, and DolphinMasterMB (me) created the advanced animations and AI. In your Minecraft environment, they do organically spawn dependent on ocean conditions. The player and practically everything in their environment will elicit responses from those cetaceans, who are extremely engaged. They are very energetic and exhibit irrational actions that are based on dolphin psychology! You may say that the code harbors the spirit of a dolphin! I kid you not! Check out this lovely collection of ocean stars!

The Cetacean Stars of the beginning: 

The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The better sea addon
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas

More information about dophins you can check out the Dolphin Trainer Addon or Youtube:

  • The big audition[Whales]:
  • We add 5 beautiful whales of different sizes with this update!
  • Those whales have very gentle movement and atmospheric sounds!
  • There’s a lot of details hidden in their behavior system!
  • They live in different oceans across your Minecraft world!
  • They are nice and peaceful, but they don’t appreciate predators like orca’s hunting their calves!
  • Are you in for a nice whale watch tour?

The Stars of The big Audition:

The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The betteer seas mammals addon

Some Minecraft addons PE you can check in

The great additions[Semi Aquatics]:

With this version, a variety of interesting semi-aquatic critters have joined our addon! between tiny sea otters and large, obese sea elephants! Thanks to our new designers, these creatures naturally have detailed models and animations! They interact with the player’s other animals as well as their surroundings frequently. Some are amiable, while others are risky! Because each animal’s responses are diverse and unpredictable, every approach method must be different. Are you going to find these new animals in your world of Minecraft?

The Stars of The Great Additions:

The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas
The Better Seas

Where you can find them in the world:
Warm Ocean=wo
Cold Ocean=co
Frozen Oceans=fo
Stone Beaches=sb
Mangrove Swamps=m

Wave 1:
Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin //// wo
Common Dolphin //// wo
Commerson’s Dolphin //// wo
Bottlenose Dolphin //// wo, co
Striped Dolphin //// wo
Boto River Dolphin //// r, sw, m
Australian Snubfin Dolphin //// wo
Orca / Killer Whale //// co, fo
Melon-Headed Whale //// co
Pilot Whale //// co
Beluga Whale //// co, fo
Narwhal //// fo
Dall’s Porpoise //// co
Harbour Porpoise //// wo, co
Baiji River Dolphin WIP

Wave 2:
Bairds Beaked Whale //// co
Humpback Whale //// co, wo
Bowhead Whale //// co, fo
Fin Whale //// co
Sperm Whale //// co
Blue Whale WIP

Wave 3 or 4:
Sea Otter //// b, co, wo
Southern Elephant Seal //// fo, sb, co
Spotted Seal //// sb, fo, co
Harbor Seal //// sb, fo, co
Pacific Walrus //// sb, fo, co
California Sealion //// b, wo, co
Dugong //// co
Giant River Otter //// r
Capybara //// r, sw, m
Fur Seal //// sb, co
Platypus // WIP
Nile Hippo / Common Hippo //// Being prepared for wave 4

/ = models done // = texture or animations done three /// = texture and animation done //// = coded and finished

The Better Seas

Our new release brings:

5 new whales!

10 new semi aquatic animals!

All very nice models, textures, animations and behaviors!

Important bug fixes!

Balance and performance improvements!

And a lot more!

Stay tuned for our next project!

Cheers! ; )

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Please delete the older version, before installing the new one! Versions don’t stack!

Enable cheats in your Minecraft world for the addon to work!


Thanks to our great new model designers:

Miguel made:

  • Baird’s Beaked Whale
  • Giant River Otter
  • Fur Seal
  • Spotted Seal
  • Harbor Seal
  • Capybara

Lucasgh made:

  • California Sea Lion
  • Pacific Walrus
  • Southern Elephant Seal
  • Dougong

Both made:

Sea Otter

My friend Dinoking2021 made the epic models and detailed textures and some nice animations!

Check out his Discord server to opt for a possible addon beta:

Check out his Youtube channel aswell for nice videos about modeling:

I DolphinMasterMB coded the addon! Made the behavior systems and most custom dolphin animations! I also invented the virtual dolphin mind(Custom Dolphin AI) in Minecraft!

Visit my Youtube channel for convenient tutorials about my content and many previews of new features getting announced:

The Better Seas

Download The better sea mammals addon

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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