Newb X Legacy Shader (1.20) – Ported Version for RenderDragon

If you want to improve the appearance of Minecraft Bedrock without altering too much, try Newb Shader. Newb X Legacy Shader (1.20) is a lightweight shader that maintains the vanilla look. Newb X Legacy is a ported version of RenderDragon. Minecraft 1.20 is compatible with Windows and Android devices.

Creator: VeteranDev

Newb X Legacy Shader MCPE 1.20

  • Newb X Legacy – For MCPE 1.20 RenderDragon (Android and Windows)

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Newb X Legacy Shader


  • Lighting: Features customizable natural soft lighting with many subtle details.
  • Clouds: The clouds are soft and adapt with rain.
  • Sky: A natural-looking, bright sky that gives the shader an aesthetic feel.
  • Water: A calm and relaxing water that’s truly lightweight yet looks beautiful.
  • Underwater: A bluish-foggy view with soft caustics.
  • Foliage wave: A subtle natural wave animation that applies to grass, leaves, vines and crops.
  • Lantern swing: Probably something you don’t find in most MCPE shaders, a swinging lantern.
  • Depth: A smooth foggy layer that blends across the horizon, with an added misty layer that gives more depth to your world.
  • Rain weather: Something many users like about this shader is the rainy weather.
  • Entities: Entities have a soft ambient around them.
  • Color correction: Uses a very common tone mapping method, yet it still gives Newb Shader a distinct color tone.
  • Sun/Moon: A 3D looking vanilla moon, with all the moon phases. The sun is stunningly smooth, yet it preserves the vanilla vibe.
  • Glowy Ores: The ores glow in darkness, making it easier to spot.
  • Auroras: The night sky is enhanced with aurora lights that change over time.

Newb X Legacy Shader Recommended settings:

  • Beautiful sky – on
  • Smooth shading – on
  • Brightness – 80%
Newb X Legacy Shader MCPE
Newb X Legacy Shader MCPE


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Newb X Legacy Shader

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Download Newb X Legacy Shader for Minecraft PE 1.20

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