Yummysheep Shader (Render Dragon support!)

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Yummysheep Shader – A shader created by a group of fans of Minecraft bedrock. The Shader altered the sky, flora, seas, and other elements. A thorough explanation will be provided below. We anticipate that the addon will enhance your Minecraft gameplay. Everything will appear more realistic with the use of this shader.

Cre: Yummysheep (Youtube)

Yummysheep Shader

RTX Support!

Render Dragon support!

Yummysheep Shader
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This shader has modified: 

  • More realistic and fluid water.
  • Non-square clouds, sun and moon.
Yummysheep Shader
Yummysheep Shader
Yummysheep Shader
Yummysheep Shader
Yummysheep Shader
Yummysheep Shader
Yummysheep Shader

Sparkling ores (coal, iron, gold, diamonds, bronze and other stones).

Yummysheep Shader

More realistic plants (flowers and grass swaying from side to side, with rustling sound effects).

Yummysheep Shader
Yummysheep Shader
Yummysheep Shader

Enhanced shadows (this only applies to the RTX)

Yummysheep Shader

Some Minecraft Texture packs you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:

If you have any questions, you may fix them on our official website: https://yummysheepshadermod.neocities.org/questions.html

Select version for changelog:


  • Version
  • change the description of the shader
  • Shader now is supported Render dragon


  • Please avoid using other shaders at the same time or maybe crash.
  • You can use other Textures and this shader at the same time.
  • The modpack can be used on Phone or PC
  • If you found a bug or want to give feedback, you may contact us in the following ways:
  1. Gmail: [email protected]
  2. Discord: Yummysheep#1868 (We are planning to build a server!)
mcpeaddons download

Download Yummysheed Shader

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Yummysheed Website

Download Yummysheed Shader (Link Backup)

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:
Yummysheep Shader


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Yummysheep Official
4 months ago

Hey bro, you didn’t get my permission to post it. But don’t worry, you no need to remove it.

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