Dark Shader Render Dragon

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Hey guy’s what’s going on? Today I present you a shader for Renderdragon- Dark Shader Render Dragon which supports 1.19+ wild update and Support Android and the name of the Shader is Dark Shader Renderdragon. Well it’s still in development in updates i will try to make shader more relastic i am sure  you’re gonna enjoy this shader with new wild update.So now let me present you some picture of how the shader looks.

Creator: Krimineee (krishant Srivastava)

Dark Shader Render Dragon

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Features of the shader

*Realistic nether portal placeholder

*Lava looks more realistic at daytime

*Water Waves with Normals

*Beautiful fog

*Waving dandelion

*Beautiful sunset

New Fog

Dark Shader Render Dragon
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Fog files by Minecraft PE Shaders his channel link – special credit to him


Dark Shader Render Dragon

Beautiful sunset

Dark Shader Render Dragon
Dark Shader Render Dragon
Dark Shader Render Dragon
Dark Shader Render Dragon
Dark Shader Render Dragon

Some Minecraft Shaders you can check in mcpeaddons.com:

Best thing is that it supports Render Dragon especially Wild Update.

In 1.2 added rainbow and realistic moon also

And more! You’ll definitely enjoy it

This shader has a bit of unsaturated theme with bright style but still dark you’ll definitely enjoy this shader.

This is pretty much for the first release I hope you all will like the shader.

This shaders tested on android

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Note this shader uses OPENGL ES and also this shader will not work on 1.17 it will only work on 1.19.10

You can’t repost or claim it as own give credit while making video on it

Dark Shader Render Dragon
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Dark Shader Render Dragon

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