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A shader pack for Bedrock Edition called MCPE Sharp Shaders enhances the beauty of your world on low-end hardware. This well-known shader collection tries to enhance Minecraft’s visual appeal by including more realistic lighting, shadows, and other effects. It is made to function with the game’s Pocket Edition and Bedrock Edition, which are versions made to run on smartphones and gaming consoles, respectively. You don’t need to get a strong weapon ready (Iphone 5 is enough too).

MCPE Sharp Shaders enhance the look and feel of gaming in your Minecraft environment, as do all shaders. The main benefit of this graphical setting is that it puts minimal demands on the hardware of your device while yet enabling you to fully enjoy high-quality gameplay.

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Enjoy your beautiful world!


Sharp Shaders


Sharp Shaders

Download & Play – No Extra Work Needed

This is the BETA Version so we are still working to fix bugs and improve the pack

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Resource pack (No Behaviour pack)

by Omega Blade YT

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  • Tone map using NTSC weighted average method
  • Waving leaves & water reflection depiction
  • Sparkling stars, Enhanced dusk
  • Beautiful clouds & aurora
  • Brightness varies depending on the direction
  • Lightweight depiction
  • Luminance-based tone map with varying saturation
  • Waving water, leaves, crops, flowers, and nether gate
  • New water reflection with correct cloud position. (chunk border issue resolved)
  • The wet effect when raining
  • Texture hybrid shader generated moon. (auto-switched to default render when other texture detected)
  • Compatible with both Mobile and PC (Win10)
  • No useless code

Supported Platforms:

Supported Platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Tested on iPadAir2, iPhone5s, iPad5th
  • Old versions of windows10 are partially supported.
Sharp Shaders
Sharp Shaders

Here are some Screenshots of the Shaders!

Sharp Shaders
Sharp Shaders
Sharp Shaders
Sharp Shaders
Sharp Shaders
Sharp Shaders
Sharp Shaders
Sharp Shaders
Sharp Shaders

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Sharp Shaders
Sharp Shaders

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Sharp Shaders

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