Solar Shaders MCPE | Minecraft Patched only (1.20.80 & 1.21)

Solar Shaders 1.20 offer a stunning visual experience with its beautiful lighting and vibrant colors! This enhanced vanilla shader is compatible with Patched and BetterRenderDragon versions of MCPE/Bedrock.

Solar Shaders MCPE

  • Sky Updated.
  • End & Nether Graphics Changed.
  • Blue Light In Ocean.
  • Beautiful Sunset.
  • Fog Added.
  • Aesthetic Mode Added.
  • Better Rain Sounds.
  • Change Dark into Bright In Night-Time.
  • Panorama Added.
  • Subpacks Added.

Minecraft Shaders


This Solar Shaders only works for patched and BetterRenderDragon Minecraft.

MCPE Download

Solar Shader V4 Download

What is patched Minecraft?

Patched app is an APK file of Minecraft that includes the Materialbinloader supported by the developer of the Years Static Shader. With Materialbinloader, you can easily apply or remove the Render Dragon shader pack, which is compatible with it, as a resource pack. Any Patched APP not labeled as 32bit is all 64bit.
You can download Minecraft Patched APK here:

What is the shader for low end devices in Minecraft PE?

Best Shaders for Low End PCs
– Starting out with a semi-popular pack, Super Duper Vanilla Shaders introduces players to an enhanced version of Minecraft.
– If you’re wanting real-time lighting and realistic effects, then consider using CaptTatsu’s BSL Shaders.

FInd more shaders for minecraft pe


Minecraft Shaders

Minecraft Shaders

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