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Have you ever started a survival world but don’t have any time to make a base? Or no time to explore and gather resources? Now, Steve’s world is a base for you guys to use for another journey.

This world will help you start a new and nice survival world with everything you should be needed. The building block pallets of almost all buildings are in the surrounding environment.

Creator: Mr. Shadow (Youtube)

Steve’s World map is a “Survival-Creation” theme map that will help you start a survival world with everything you might be needed. This world has much structure you can always explore and expand.

Explore overworld, fix the portal, and go into the deep nether. Expand and use all the structure as you can, and slain the mighty ender dragon, and obtain your prize.

Fortress Structure

Starter House

This is a small, nice, and cozy house that will help you on your journey with almost everything you might need.

Underground base

This is a medium-sized base in a cave where you can protect yourself, unlike the Starter house. This location has magical or wizardry stuff such as enchanting.

Watch Tower

Meet all your enemies from the top and shoot them in the knee with your bow and arrow. You also can use them to find this base if you somehow lost.


Collect and mine ore, mineral, and stone using this structure. This structure has everything related to mining.


Hide from this protected bunker. In case there is an emergency and a wither is attacking your base. It’s not very protected but it can help you prepare for a fight.


A small structure with a fixed or ruined portal that you will need to open or repair. It adds a small detail to the world.

Stronghold Outpost

A small detail that tells where the stronghold is. With a small research book and basic material.


A strange structure with an End Portal to the End dimension. Do you have all the items, weapons, tools, and armors to slain and defeat the ender dragon.


Place where you can plant and keep all your food, seed, and plants. It has an auto-compost feature you can use if you want and it would go to the Storage building.


The bakery where you can use to bake, cook food with a lot of smoker and a special table you can always cook for a special event, or favorite food.

Storage Building

A place you can store all you’re a valuable or basic item in your journey, with a blank item frame. You can label every item frame with the item of your choice.


A place where basic animal place to. There is two animal in each type and a bee with its own tree.


The place you can brew and experiment with the potion. With a nether wart farm and infinite water source.


Create and upgrade your weapon in this place. With a blast furnace to small all the ores easily. It also has a stonecutter

Tree farm

This is also a farm but it’s only a tree and nothing else.

Fisher’s Hut

A peaceful and calm location. You can be fishing near the wonderful lake.

Trading Hall

A shop with every master trader who you can trade with. With every profession and an Iron golem as the protectors. Please don’t wake them up at night to trade.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


A place where you can keep your horse, mule, and donkey.

Nether Structure

Nether Base

A medium-sized based with magical and more in there. It’s probably the largest base in this world.

Nether Farm

Another farm where the nether plant is in there. Including the big fungus. Weepings and Twisting vines are also in there.

Nether Mineshaft

A big structure you can use to mine deep below with large storage and blast furnace. Bring your TNT for better mining.

Nether Village

The Piglin’s village. Follow their rules or else piglin won’t let you inside their base.

Bartering Hall.

This place is created for you, this has been made near the piglin’s village, so keep an eye on them


Nether Fortress

This is the structure created by the ancient builders to research more about the nether dimension.


Abandoned Village

The place where the raid happens, can you revive the village and start over?

Steve’s Base

Steve’s secret base is located at the mineshaft of the village, with nothing inside just a table, pillar, and lighting. Expand and make them be your personal secret base.

Abandoned village Mineshaft

The abandoned mineshaft was created by villagers. Emerald is commonly found there. The abandoned mineshaft can also be accessed through this area.


This is the ruined ship of the pillager go to your fortress to raid. With many treasures that can be found on the ship.

Pillager Outpost

This is the outpost set up by the Pillager to raid all the nearby villages and fortresses.


This is Steve’s World Map.


More map below:

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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