LilManiac07’s Skin Pack for Minecraft

Do you like Old School MLG gamers? If you are a fan of this game, you can’t miss our LilManiac07’s Skin Pack for Minecraft. This Skin pack has 17 skins all included with MLG shades, some inspired by movies and some are from MLG games 2007-2013 and among them is a teenager trying to look cool. Let’s discover LilManiac07’s Skin Pack right below.

Cre: Lilmaniac07

17 skin tones of LilManiac07’s Skin Pack

  • Ghost skin
  • Fallout new vegas vault suit skin
  • Apocalypse skin
  • Skin from the black lagoon
  • My Classic skin
  • Barbarian skin
  • Fallout 4 vault 111 skin
  • 2nd Classic skin
  • Zombie skin
  • Old Pirate skin
  • Pirate skin
  • Captain skin
  • Blue hair version
  • Blonde hair version
  • Masked version
  • Netherrack skin (old version)
  • New Netherrack skin
LilManiac07's Skin Pack

or here

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