Sand and Savanna Expansion

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Just seven days after Minecraft Live 2022, I created this update. A new biome, mob, updated savanna, and more are included in this update-style add-on!

Cre: GoggledGecko (Youtube, Twitter)

Sand and Savanna Expansion

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An update-style addon is the Sand and Savanna Expansion. I created it in the seven days following Minecraft Live 2022 because there weren’t many features that had been announced.


  • Quiver tree Forest (a new sub-biome for deserts)
  • Quiver trees (for the biome obviously)
  • A number of new blocks to build with
  • Desert Shark (a new dangerous mob)
  • Updated Savanna Generation
  • Termite Hills (a growing block)
  • Quiver (stores up to 4 stacks of arrows)

Quiver Forest:

They merely appear lovely:) Quiver leaves can be bonemealed to develop a tree.

Sand and Savanna Expansion
Sand and Savanna Expansion

Desert Shark

These individuals will set traps and drag any unwary crowd into the sand where they will suffocate.

Sand and Savana

Improved Savanna

Over time, these blocks will expand to form large termite hills. Because they are entirely procedurally created and vary in size, no two mounds will be the identical.

Sand and Savanna Expansion
Sand and Savanna Expansion

Termite Hill

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To make the biome more distinctive, changes have been made to its creation and colors.

Sand and Savanna Expansion


Can be made out of quiver stems. You can equip these items by placing them in your off hand. After that, you can load up to 4 stacks of arrows into the quiver by holding several arrows while pressing crouch. A new arrow will be automatically given to you after each shot you fire from a bow or crossbow until the quiver is empty.

Sand and Savanna Expansion
Sand and Savanna Expansion


Enable these experimental toggles: 

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Custom Biomes
  • Upcoming Creator Features
  • Molang Features

Some Minecraft Addons PE you can check in

Sand and Savanna Expansion

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Sand and Savanna Expansion

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