Reinforced GregTech Addon for Minecraft v4 (1.14+)

The special capabilities of this addon are that you can add mobs into your own Minecraft world. Reinforcing GregTech Addon is not like any other mob. This is a warning for you when using it, this addon is dangerous and self-suicidal

Cre: BlackPistolG, Twitter, Youtube

Reinforced GregTech addon’s feature

Hatsune Mike (custom mob), Charlotte, A.K.A BetaTest-150 (custom mob) are added in this Reinforced GregTech Addon v4

Hatsune Miku 

  • 9900 HP
  • Now Hatsune Miku is a custom mob
  • Unable to die
  • ATK: she can fire 20 fireballs at rapid speeds!
  • Spawning at night in the Overworld but very rarely
  • She is considered as a boss, so she has a bossbar above.
  • Infinite health
  • She only attacks if you provoke her. Reinforced GregTech addon, she was meant to be hostile, that will be fixed soon.
  • The only advantage of getting her health down is rain. She absolutely despises water. So soak her up and she will short circuit!!
  • 50-50 chance of spawning with any random combination of armor

Charlotte (BetaTest-150)

  • 500 HP
  • Now it becomes a custom mob
  • Damage with gold sword: 5
  • You can be found her in both the Nether and the Overworld but very rarely
  • Attacks if whatever provokes her.
  • She’s a neutral mob, tame her using slices of melons. You (probably) have a 40% chance of taming her.
  • She will follow you instead of teleporting to you constantly every time you’re too far away from her
  • She has a bossbar above her

Two feisty girls fighting off each other in this picture. This can only happen when either the attacker hits BetaTest-150, or the attacker hits the player. It cannot happen immediately when BetaTest-150 is tamed

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

1.0.5 update for Reinforced gregtech Addons’s feature


  • HP: 100
  • Slenderman is now a custom mob
  • ATK: 20
  • Slenderman is considered as a boss, so it has a bossbar above it

What’s new in the 1.0.9 update?

  • Added Shootout Pillager (Custom mob, boss)
  • Colossal Wither and Armoured Wither Skeleton (Custom mobs, bosses)
  • Added a function system:
    •  /function Reinforced_gregtech_addon_v4” to add items
  •  Added Milk Stew and crafting recipe

Shootout Pillager

  • Hp: 500
  • ATK: shoots 20 arrows
  • Pillager is now a custom mob
  • Deadly at close range
  • Taller than any other mob in this game
  • He has a boss bar

Colossal Wither

  • HP: 1200
  • ATK: Shoots 20 wither skulls at its target.
  • A hostile mob
  • A custom mob
  • Half health of vanilla Wither Boss
  • It would generate a force field, spawn a bunch of Wither Skeletons, or whatever. It only depends on the health of the boss and its attack damage.
  • Three times the size of a normal vanilla Wither Boss

Armoured Wither Skeleton

  • HP: 40
  • ATK: 25 damage with its stone sword
  • Custom mob now
  • 98% chance of dropping something secretive when killed
  • Wither Skeletons do not spawn with the Armoured counterpart
  • A neutral mob, only attack if whatever attack it first

GregTech Warhead

  • A legit nuke
  • It’s a custom mob. Not a block
  • When “/gamerule mobgriefing true”, it freezes the game when ignited, then deplore. It will leave a crater with fire surrounding it
  • Ignited with Flint and Steel or through a Dispenser. Using other ignition methods will not budge it.

Milk Stew

When you eat Milk Stew, it will fill up your hunger bar. Milk Stew also grants Feather Falling and Resistance for you

Here is recipe:

Item and Spawn egg:


• 1.1.2 update will be the last update. I no longer accept any more ideas for Reinforcing GregTech Addon until I decided to receive ideas from y’all again.
• A new Addon is under progress


  • Make sure you give credit to my social media if you review this addon
  • Compete other people’s addons with mine. Making a map with this addon is great. Just give me credit as always
  • You are not allowed to:
    • Remodify this addon. You are only allowed to do so for personal uses only!
    • Attempt to break this addon with glitches, command modifications,..

Downloads Reinforced GregTech Addon

Reinforced GregTech Addon

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Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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