Realistic Vanilla Items V1.5.2

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The Realistic Vanilla Items texture pack enhances the realism of several items' basic textures without detracting from Minecraft's original look. It currently has only 183 products, but I intend to add more in the next few days.

Cre: MeoWhenn (Youtube, Twitter

Realistic Vanilla Items

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This is my first time making Minecraft material, so if there are any issues, please let me know in the comments so I can fix them as soon as possible.

Realistic Vanilla Items

What does this texture pack contain?

So far, it contains 183 items, such as:

• Apple 🍎

• Golden apple 🍏 

• Bucket of lava 🔥

• Bucket of water 💦

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• Bucket of milk 🥛

• Axolotl in a bucket 👾

• Bone 🍗

• Charcoal ▪️

• Coal 🎅

• Cookie 🍪

• A lot of Tools ⛏️⚒️

• White dye powder💨

• Egg 🥚

• Potato 🥔

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• Stick 🏒

And more…

some examples:

Realistic Vanilla Items
Realistic Vanilla Items

In Game screenshot's:

Realistic Vanilla Items
Realistic Vanilla Items
Realistic Vanilla Items
Realistic Vanilla Items
Realistic Vanilla Items

Some Textures Minecraft PE you can check. It’s available in mcpe addons’ site:

Realistic Vanilla Items

Download R.V.I. (normal version) or Here 

Download R.V.I. (BLOOD version) or Here 

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