Raboy’s Mobs Addon V1.6.7

Do you want to see some fascinating new mobs and stuff in Minecraft? Don’t say anything else! Raboy’s Mobs Addon adds skillfully created mobs to the game that you may interact with and get exclusive stuff from, giving the vanilla game a little more spice!

Cre: Raboy13 (Instagram)

Raboy’s Mobs Addon

Make sure you switch on experimental features, except for extra modding possibilities, before using this Raboy’s Mobs Addon, and it requires Minecraft version 1.17.30 or higher to work; otherwise, it will not work. With that out of the way, let’s delve into each mob and feature!


If you haven’t seen the movie “The Tomorrow War,” you owe it to yourself to do so 😉

[MOBS] in Raboy’s Mobs Addon

Spikes of White

  • The super predator in this Raboy’s Mobs Addon will be white spikes; this mob was inspired by the film “The Tomorrow War,” and they can only be found in snowy biomes. Be careful when battling them because they are quite aggressive.
  • With the exception of the babies, you can’t outrun this mob because they’re swift and have a lot of damage and health.
  • This mob comes in two varieties: male and female.
  • Except for its own kind and fish, it assaults all other mobs.
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Male White Spike (Male White Spike)

  • Has a health rating of 60
  • Has a total of 8 attack damage
  • The male is faster than the female
  • Has the best chance of hatching anywhere on the planet
  • ‘Female White Spike’ is a term used to describe a female white spike.
  • Has a health rating of 80
  • Has a distinctive black dot on the tip of its snout
  • Significantly larger than the male
  • Has an attack damage range of 8 to 15
  • A little slower than a man
  • A significantly reduced chance of spawning
  • Male White Spike (Baby)
  • Inferior to the Female Baby White Spike in size
  • Has a health rating of 20
  • Has a single point of attack damage
  • Grows to be 800 game ticks in size

Female White Spike Baby

  • Slightly larger than the Male White Spike Baby
  • Has a health rating of 40
  • Takes a little longer than the male baby white spike
  • Has an attack damage range of 1 to 3
  • Grows to be 800 game ticks in size

Some addons are similar to Raboy’s Mobs Addon, you may be like in Mcpeaddons.com:


White Spike Carapace

When an adult white spike is killed, it may shed its thick carapace, which may be used to craft the game’s strongest armor (Stronger than Netherite Armore)

Can be used to fix things Armor made with white spikes

Spike Claw in White

This item can only be gained by killing a female white spike, which is extremely rare due to the rarity of female white spikes. A female white spike will drop 1 to 2 white spike claws, which can be used to build a White Spike Scythe, the most powerful weapon ever!

Can be used to fix things White Spike Scythe

White Spike Scythe

Raboy's Mobs Addon
  • Made from iron ingots and two white spike claws
  • Inflicts 10 damage (It does more damage than any other weapon.)
  • Enchantable
  • White spike claws can be used to fix it
  • Currently indestructible (bug)

White spike helmet

  • Has a 580 durability rating
  • Enchantable
  • Has a one-of-a-kind spiky design
  • Has a distinct filthy white hue
  • Repairable with a white spike carapace

White Spike Chestplate

Raboy's Mobs Addon
  • Has a 690-day durability
  • Enchantable
  • Has a one-of-a-kind spiky design
  • Has a distinct tint of dirty white
  • Repairable with a white spike carapace

White Spike Leggings

Raboy's Mobs Addon
  • Has a 656-day durability
  • Enchantable
  • Has a one-of-a-kind spiky design
  • Has a distinct tint of dirty white
  • Repairable with a white spike carapace

White Spike Boots

Raboy's Mobs Addon
  • Has a 556-day durability
  • Enchantable
  • Eas a one-of-a-kind spiky design
  • Has a distinct tint of dirty white
  • Repairable with a white spike carapace
  • Here’s a sneak peek of White Spike Gear that’s been fully enchanted:
Raboy's Mobs Addon

Colossal Squid

  • Due to deep sea gigantism, the largest known species of squid can be found in Minecraft’s deepest waters! Guardians and drowned zombies are eaten by the neutral creatures.
  • They can fight you if you attack them; nevertheless, be cautious because they can be incredibly quick when provoked; don’t be fooled by their gentle demeanor.
  • Don’t be fooled by the moves!
  • Adult Colossal Squids can produce a single offspring when bred on salmon, cod, and decaying flesh. The enormous Squids die after giving birth.
  • Within two game days, you’ll be able to breed (about 20 minutes)
  • When an adult enormous squid is killed, it drops one or both of its eyes as well as masses of meat that may be cooked in any meat-cooking block (furnace, campfire, soul campfire and smoker).
  • I’d rather raise and cultivate them because their body parts, especially their eyeballs, have various uses and might truly assist you cross seas

Adult Colossal Squid‘ is a term used to describe a colossal squid that

  • Has a health rating of 60
  • Inflicts 4 points of damage
  • Bred with salmon, cod, or rotten flesh
  • Forage kills drowned zombies and guardians
  • Follows you around if you have decaying flesh, salmon, or cod in your hands.
  • When killed, drops 8 to 16 enormous squid meat
  • Closes or closes one or both of its eyes
  • Occasionally move in circles (probably a bug)

Baby Colossal Squid‘ is a term used to describe a young squid.

Raboy's Mobs Addon
  • Has a light complexion
  • Has a health rating of ten
  • Has a single point of attack damage
  • Forage kills fish and axolotl
  • No spills
  • Moves more slowly than an adult colossal squid
  • Has a distinctive pale color
  • Increases in size during a single game day (10 minutes)

The New Boss Mob has Arrived! The Dragon of Jade

  • Only spawns in extreme hills
  • When slain, it drops its heart, which can be used in a variety of ways
  • When killed, bursts, leaving behind its heart


  • Found in the taiga biomes dwelling within his house
  • When he is handed a golden apple, it offers him outstanding hit points.
  • Can be unleashed by hitting him once; if you hit him twice, he will attack you.
  • When untamed, you can pick up enchanted golden apples or a jade dragon heart, which will reward you with heaps of high-grade goodies.
  • -You can only pick up enchanted golden apples once you’ve tamed them, and you’ll get the same prize as before.
  • Can be exchanged for enchanted golden apples or a jade dragon heart for the same prize as above.


  • Meet these vibrant sea animals that spawn in Minecraft’s oceans.
  • Breeds in warm waters, particularly coral reefs
  • When destroyed, it drops slime, which can be utilized to make slime blocks.
  • Comes in four different variations
  • Harmless
  • Has 18 points for health

Jellyfish in Purple

Raboy's Mobs Addon

Green Jellyfish

Raboy's Mobs Addon

Blue Jellyfish

Raboy's Mobs Addon

Box Jellyfish

Raboy's Mobs Addon
  • Be wary of attacking this variety because it will sting you, and the only way to get rid of the effect is to assault it again.
  • To manufacture an antidote, kill a live species and collect its remains, which are then utilized in a brewing stand.
  • Its tentacles are longer than those of an ordinary jellyfish
  • Because it is more translucent than the other variations, it may be difficult to notice
  • The New Boss Mob has Arrived in Raboy’s Mobs Addon! The Phoenix, of course!

The Phoenix

  • Only a few mythological birds spawn in the overworld.
  • Unaffected by fire
  • Flies at a low height at the moment
  • When it rains, it turns to stone, taking no damage from entity assaults and allowing it to be leashed.
  • When the weather is clear, it reverts to its previous state.
  • Engages in combat with hostile mobs
  • Dislikes pillagers
  • Keeps villages safe
  • Can be tamed with a nether star or a golden apple, granting you some of its Godly abilities as a result.
  • Taming this mob has downsides, since every three game days it will deliver you a nasty omen.
  • Has two sorts of randomized attacks: ranged and melee.
  • When killed, it drops one to three feathers.


House of Wizards

  • found in the wizard’s home biome of taiga
  • Has a chest with random loot

New Products Have Arrived!

There’s new food!

Colossal Squid meat

  • Cooks into cooked gigantic squid meat for consumption
  • Provides the same amount of nutrition as beef

Gigantic Squid Eye

  • Has been used in the creation of “Potion Of The Depths”
  • There’s a new potion!

Potion Of The Depths

  • A set of effects to assist you in exploring the ocean’s depths
  • Includes water breathing, night vision, and absorption
  • Can be produced with a huge squid eye as the reagent and thick, mundane, or difficult potions.
  • Can be upgraded with redstone as the reagent to make the effects stay longer (bugged; not sure why it doesn’t work, but I coded it correctly)
  • Can be enhanced by using glowstone as a reagent to increase the effects (same bug as the redstone upgrade)

Jade Dragon Heart

  • Legendary artifact gained solely from the death of a jade dragon
  • Can be ingested and can provide you with a variety of long-lasting benefits, as well as some nausea.
  • Can be bartered with a wizard in exchange for a large amount of high-quality loot
  • Doesn’t spawn any more
  • Will not be harmed by explosions (like the nether star)
  • Can be suffocated by fire (unchangeable)

New Easter Egg Items

  • At the moment, it isn’t working
  • Must be gained through haggling with a wizard

Box Jellyfish Specimen

  • Can be gotten by slaughtering a box jellyfish
  • Can be used to develop an antidote for the sting of a box jellyfish

Box Jellyfish Antidote

  • Can be made by brewing a box Jellyfish specimen with base potions.
  • Used to remove the sting of a box jellyfish



  • Rearranged the items to their respective categories on the creative categories
  • Move the jade dragon heart from raw food category to items category
  • New phoenix feather item (can be obtained when killing a phoenix)
  • Phoenix feather can be brewed to make a 5-minute fire resistance potion
  • Killing a phoenix now drops 1 to 3 phoenix feathers
Raboy's Mobs Addon
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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