[Official Release] Project Cerus (5k by 5k) Custom Terrain / Survival Map

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After a century of research, a long-lost land that was thought to be a myth has been found. Project Cerus features amazing sights both above and below earth, as well as terrain that gamers are seeing for the first time.

Cre: legendaryIV25 (Youtube, Twitter)

Project Cerus (5k by 5k)

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Project Cerus has long been under development but has never been made public. Before now.

With a startling 5k x 5k of custom terrain, it is ideal for map designers and survival players of all kinds to use because it is designed and built for survival.

Project Cerus
Project Cerus

Numerous biomes from earlier maps, such as Project God Sector, are present and have been combined with this one while being vastly improved.

Project Cerus

This is more than just a map; it's an artistic creation in which the player can participate.

Project Cerus
Project Cerus

In addition to the god sector biome, we now have a revamped swamp.

Project Cerus
Project Cerus
Project Cerus

With endless mountains and plains, theres a piece for every type of player to make something special on this map

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Dramatic improvements with terrain in some biomes
Better scenery around all terrain biomes
Better and improved rivers and streams around all the custom terrain

Ill be hosting a builders competition on my discord of who can make the best build with any of my previous maps, so dont miss out!

support my work by joining my discord and following my social media to always stay updated with the best custom terrains on bedrock!

Project Cerus

Download Project Cerus or Link Backup

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:
Project Cerus

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