Minegames v3.9.1 [BUILD TEMPLE]

In Minegames 3, you may play entertaining and fascinating minigames with your pals! There are 7 minigames to choose from, including PvP, Hide N Seek, and Parkour! Each minigame has been designed with the player’s gameplay in mind, resulting in a one-of-a-kind experience, hopefully!

In the most recent update (v3.9.1), a new minigame called Build Temple was included, which was inspired by Noxcrew’s Build Mart. Compete against your pals in a fast-paced, building-based minigame!

Cre: Aden Lynn (Youtube)

– Description –

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

The photos used may not be the most recent version of the image and may not accurately depict how things appear in the most recent map update.

What is Minegames 3?

Minegames 3 is a minegames environment with seven different minigames to play. Each minigame was created entirely by hand by yours self. As the world’s owner and primary creator, I’ve done everything I can to ensure that all players have the best possible experience.

If you want to view all of the work I’ve done, go visit the Info Centre’s changelog, where I’ve written down, practically, everything I’ve ever worked on. Alternatively, there are hidden teleporters beneath the spawn island that allow you to see the world’s command blocks.


The Minigames:


The Bridge is a fast-paced PvP minegame for two teams! Your goal is to cross the bridge, attempt to reach the opposing team’s base, and leap into their goal, scoring a point for your team! The team with the most points wins! In order to defeat the enemy team, you’ll need swords, armour, a diamond pickaxe, and blocks. To protect your base, should you build a massive wall or rush your opponents all at once in an attempt to overwhelm them? It’s entirely up to you! Simply be the first to 5 points!


Kitted FFA is another PvP game, but this one is a minigame that pits all players against each other! Choose one of 16 kits, then utilize the stuff you earn from it to fight other players until you’re the last one standing! Determine which kit is ideal for you, as some people perform better with certain kits than others. (My personal favorite is Brute!)

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE


PvP is present in Knockoff, but it is mildly reduced. You’ll be placed on some floating platforms above the emptiness in Knockoff. To try to knock your opponents off the platform, you are handed a Punch 2 Bow, which has a lot of knockback. You have five lives at your disposal. You’re out once your lives are gone! To win, you must be the last person standing.



Playground is a relaxing little game. Everyone is assigned to the Playground, where they can do whatever they choose. You might be able to parkour. It’s possible that you’ll have a quarrel with your friends. You could practice archery. If you want to, you can even go AFK. There is no objective. Just relax and do whatever you want! There’s much to do, so relax and enjoy yourself! Keep in mind that in this minigame, you will not receive any points.


Duels is a simple minegame that everyone may play. There are two teams, each of which is provided equipment in order to compete for the title of last team standing. An iron sword, armour, a bow, arrows, and a couple of golden apples are among the items given to the teams.


Hide N Seek is exactly what it sounds like. Everyone else is a hider, save for one seeker. To become a seeker, the seeker must hit a hider at least once. When the timer runs out or there are no more hiders, the game is over.


It’s easy to understand Parkour Race! Complete the parkour before the other players! That’s all there is to it! Emerald bricks are checkpoints where you can respawn. You can also pick between two parkour paths. One is challenging but brief, while the other is much easier but takes a long time.


Some Maps Minecraft PE, we have updated that you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:


Build Temple is a construction-based minigame. You are given a build and must duplicate it. Then you’ll have to go enter the temple to get the blocks you’ll need to reassemble the structure. The team with the most completed constructions is the winner!


Points are awarded when you win a minigame. With these points, you can purchase a trail or a head from the in-game shop. These can’t be utilized inside minigames unless it’s Playground, but they’re enjoyable to have and can be used to show off your winning skills!


Other Information: Other information can be obtained in the world, such as how to start a minigame, how the shop works, and so on. You can get this information, as well as other things, at the Info Centre. In theory, all pertinent information should be included…


I have a YouTube channel as well. There’s not much there, but it’s worth a look if you’re interested. I do a few command block lessons and other gaming-related content, so if you decide to check it out, I hope you enjoy it!


  • Many of the minegames ceased operating after a Minecraft update (I forget which one) because the functionality of command blocks was changed. This has been resolved in this version, and most minigames can now be played again!
  • Knockoff is now unavailable due to maintenance… please accept our apologies for any trouble this may cause…
  • Minigames should no longer crash if a player departs in the middle of a game; the same is true if a player joins in the middle.
  • Build Temple is a new minigame that has just been released.
  • Kitted FFA now has additional kits.
  • And there’s more…

Download Minegames v3.9.1 (Mcword)

Download Minegames v3.9.1 (Zip)

Download Minegames v3.3.2 (Mcword)

Download Minegames v3.3.2 (Zip)

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

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