Ultra realistic map! (On most devices 60 FPS and uses Polygons)

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Ultra realistic map is based on a photogrammetry model, which is essentially a model obtained from real life. As a result, it's a very realistic map. You don't believe me? Take a look at it for yourself.

Cre: D Flog Flag (Youtube, Twitter)

Ultra realistic map

  • This map is a map based on photogrammetry from real life¬†
  • This map uses poligons (poly_mesh)
  • This map uses .jpg texture
  • This map uses 8k Texture
  • This map is loaded 2 times by Minecraft
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Original 3d model by artfletch https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/st-pancras-new-church-crypt-85c68a9125f946af8f5102bb426e2f86


  • Disable advanced graphics to improve the map's appearance.
  • If you want the map to look better, turn off the sophisticated graphics.
  • This map contains a large number of poligons as well as high-resolution textures.
  • Minecraft Bedrock does a fantastic job at optimizing this type of thing and makes it run very smoothly.

More Maps you can check in https://mcpeaddons.com:


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Note: this map may not work on x86 apks (Android) (32 bits) and x86 appx (Windows 11 & 10) (32 bits)

Ultra realistic map

Download Ultra realistic map (Support Creator)

Download Ultra realistic map (Drive)

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