More Chairs Add-on for Minecraft PE

Furniture addon is always welcome. With this addon, 9 different chairs have been added to the More Chairs Add-on for Minecraft pocket edition, this is one of the options for you to own great chairs. Let decorate your world more beautiful and lively!

Cre: GentaMCPETwitter Account

How do the Chairs Add-on work?

Mobs are replaced by each chair, so to spawn them, you need to get spawn eggs in your inventory. Let make sure your difficulty in the game is set to maximum

  • Use a cookie to rotate the chair
  • Hold cookie in your hand and long tap on the chair
  • Press Mount

How to ride the chair?

  • Put a chair as you like
  • To get off the chair, press the jump button
  • Push the chair by walking into it when you want to move to another place

You can follow spawn eggs below:

  • Log = Pig
  • Birch Chair = Skeleton
  • Office Chair = Wither Skeleton
  • Acacia Chair = Stray
  • Red Chair = Creeper
  • Bar Stool = Zombie Pigman
  • Wooden Bar Stool = Husk
  • Purple Pillow = Villager
  • Beach Chair = Witch

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The bar stools

This is the easiest to use, you don’t need to rotate them. Zombie Pigman has replaced by the bar stool

Wooden chairs

In this screenshot you can know how the wooden chairs look like in game.

Wooden bar stool

Husk has replaced by wooden bar stool, it quite similar other bar stool but it looks more basic

Beach chair!

You will have a comfortable blue chair to relax next to the beach or swimming pool


Simply you just need a log, seat on it, and go fishing. That’s perfect!

Download More Chairs Add-on

1. More Chair Addon (R) .McPack

2. Addon (B) . McPack

3. More Chair Addon .ZIP

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