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Modern tools addon is added 6 items but it only replaces two mobs in Minecraft. Besides their useful uses, all these new modern items are also used to decorate your world. One of the tools is a fridge, you can store your food or any items. Another tool is the Kitchen stove, you can cook instantly your raw food items and many more

Cre: Kiritocris55, Twitter

How to use Modern Tools Addon?

You need to find a forge to create modern tool. Place it down on the ground by throwing the item. Then you can use any of the following items to build modern tool

Fridge – Gray Dye

This is a storage container that has 27 available slots

Tables/Chairs – Bone Meal, Light Blue Dye, Rose Red, Lapis Lazuli, Pink Dye, Cocoa Beans

These chairs you can both sit and can be used for decoration

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Kitchen Stove – Light Gray Dye

Chicken, beef, pork chop, rabbit meat will be cooked instantly by this stove

Forge (default) – Modern Tools Addon

When you add coal into the forge, you will get a random valuable item (dimond, gold, gold nugget or iron ingot)

Dump – Shulker Black

This is a trash bin. It works very well in survival mode. To use it, let long press on the trash bin and press Erase to delete the block or item in your hand (iOS/Android)

PC – Lime Dye

Here you can see coins but is entirely unrelated to Minecraft coins. Use this PC to trade ingots for coins that can be used for trading with a Postman

  • Iron Ingot: 0 – 1 coins
  • Gold Ingot: 1 – 2 coins
  • Diamond: 3 – 5 coins

Postman – Villager

He will let you access the MineBay market. You can buy and sell all kinds of items in there

Improved Beds – Normal bed

Normal bed now look more interesting and detailed with 3D models

Water Dispenser – Magenta Dye

This is used to store and dispense water. You can interact with Water Dispenser by using an empty bucket to get a filled bucket of water.

Stereo – Cyan Dye

Use the stereo any time you want to hear some nice tunes in Minecraft (included 6 music discs). Use the OFF button (iron nugget) to turn off the stereo.


  • Added new Stereo with +6 songs
  • Added Water Dispenser
  • Bugs Fixed


Modern Tool Addon (R) .McPack

Modern Tool Addon (B) .McPack

Modern Tool Addon (R) .ZIP

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