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A cool journey on a sunny South Sea island on the beach. Would you like to relax here? Sitting on the beach, drink cocktails, play beach volleyball, and many more. Moreover, you even have a large modern house with an airplane in front of the house. In this Paradise Island map uses Redstone techniques, it will make your dream come true!

Cre: MCPE_Map_Maker

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This road will take you to a villa and open wonderful things in the world of Paradise Island

You spawn right on a lonely island, near two yachts. Here you will get two keys that will help you open the entrance to the villa

When you go inside the villa, except a bowling alley, you won’t find much redstone technology

In the backside of the house, you can see the garden. There are have an automatic kitchen (largest Redstone machine in the world) with one breakfast, three lunches with a random daily meal, and one menu for the afternoon.

Choose a menu, each lamp for each menu. If the respective lamp lights up, you can select the menu and wait a moment. Then you choose a table with a push of a button. The food is then automatically brought to the table (and cleared). There have a beach bar, you can get 4 different cocktails

You can go underground by using an elevator. You will find a lot of Redstone-technology

For example: automatic farms, kitchen, a warehouse for the items, a safe, an admin room, a train with 3 stations

Another big Redstone-technology is called IMS (intelligent minecart system). It allows minecarts to automatically pick up items from the warehouse and take them to a specific station


  • Update the old particle commands by new ones
  • Both shower and sauna work now

Downloads Paradise Island

Paradise Island
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