Capricorn PE Shaders v3

Welcome to a package of shaders for the game Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Using the Capricorn PE Shaders pack will make your game look better, it’s used in High-end because the shaders are very heavy and realistic. So do you want to look at your Minecraft world to become more realistic and beautiful?

Cre: Scorpio Graphics, Twitter, IG, FB

Capricorn PE Shaders

This shader has lots of features that will make your game become much more realistic and beautiful.

Features from Capricorn PE Shaders

  • Staining the light of a torch.
  • Realistic shadow.
  • Wavy and moving water.
  • Waving plants.
  • Realistic sunlight.
  • Day and night light.
  • The sky is twisted.
  • Tonemap coloring.
  • Fog
  • Nether code.
  • Block side shadows.
  • Rain Effect
  • Saturation
  • Auto Exposure


Capricorn PE Shaders

or here
CPES Legacy v3.1.0.Zip

Minecraft Shaders


– You are allowed to

  • Make videos or pictures with my shaders (YouTube, Twitch, …).
  • Modify my shaders ONLY for yourself!
  • Claim my shaders as your own! (Don’t ask me for permissions!)

– You are not allowed to

  • Redistribute and/or re-upload it!
  • Use the content of my shaders!
  • Use links or any other URL-shortener! (Except and

– If you like to share my shaders, please share it with a link to My lINK!
– If you modified something or use my development shaders, please leave a note.
– Don’t make apk with my shaders
– Otherwise, you will receive STRIKE
Please consider my agreement.
– Thank you.

License: Copyright (C) Scorpio Graphics – All Rights Reserved


Capricorn PE Shaders v3.1.0
– Removed: old cloud
– Water: more realistic and has reflection
– Sun and moon: new and made of code
– Cloud: make it more realistic
– Deleted some useless files
– Bug fix

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Minecraft Shaders

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