THS Parkour | Minecraft Map

Join the THS Parkour and start jumping from level 1 to level 100. It’s not too hard to finish the map but some levels will make you think about how to pass and maybe it will make you a bit angry. So good luck to you!!

Cre: Terzar404, Youtube

This Parkour map is made by Thai Studio (THS). It includes 100 levels with many themes that you have to pass, some levels will be easy but some difficult levels will make you think about a plan to pass it

THS Parkour Captures

Some themes in this parkour map such as City, Nether, Mesa, The End, Jungle, Winter, Mine, Beehive,…


– Updated the map
– Added the finish line system


THS Parkour

You can get .Zip file here: [THS]

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