Life Of Galaxies Addon (Version 2)

An Armour has been arrived in your Minecraft world will become you a galaxy lives in your life with an extra health and more this addon update is up to date.

Creator: Cension Coporation

Life Of Galaxies Addon

IC 1316 Sword Has now updated with the damage ability than will Earse anything whatever you want spawn a mobs bosses, immortal, more.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Life Of Galaxies Addon

Damage Ability: it has absolutely incredible damage very uncountable with the largest of numbers even can kill players with nearest 25 of blocks range be an creative mode it would not kill you?

Hope you enjoy my addon be honest stay turned

Some addons Minecraft PE you can check in

Life Of Galaxies Addon

Download Life Of Galaxies Add-on.mcaddon here.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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