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The Libbywolf’s mansion comes fully furnished with four floors as well as a basement with a bar, game room, art room, toilets, and a laundry room for parties and hangout or if u just want to do some fun art.

Cre: Samster2855

Libbywolf’s Mansion

The first floor has a kitchen, dining room, living room, office and a chill zone as well as a indoor pool with changing rooms for some relaxing chill out fun with friends.

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Whereas the second floor has four bedroom a master bedroom with an office and two bathrooms it also has balcony’s and a library.

On the third floor in Libbywolf’s Mansion, there are four bedrooms, two storage rooms and one bathroom as well as a balcony. In the attic, there is one bedroom and a party room.

Outside the mansion consist of a pool with a Jacuzzi and bar for outdoor parties, as well as a tennis court a basket ball court for the athletic type and a aquarium with beautiful animals.

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Woodland, farm and a camping area as well as ponds with a waterfall you can stand on top of for a beautiful view.


Libbywolf's Mansion

Download Libbywolf’s Mansion Addons

You can get .Zip file here: Libbywolf Mansion.ZIP

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