AceEntities Addon for Minecraft Pe v0.0.5

AceEntities Addon hasn’t replaced anything within the game. It includes Guns, 3D weapons, Flying cars, Drones, and Supernatural entities

Cre: Abdul Rahim, Youtube

AceEntities Addon

This addon adds 5 new things:

  • 3D Guns
  • 3D weapons
  • Flying Cars
  • Drones
  • Supernatural Entities


AceEntities are added to a new entity called Accelerator. It is inspired by an anime called Toaru Kagaku No Accelerator and a mob similar to a wolf. (provigil shop online)

Once you tame it, it’ll turn into a monster and fight for you


Accelerator and Phoenix are capable of defeating Minecraft wither with ease

Azrroid Boss

After killing wither you’ll get the new boss to spawn egg. Make sure you are in Netherite armor and you have Ace Staff before going to fight with the boss

3D weapons – AceEntities Addon

The guns may not work in multiplayer. The host can shoot people, but other players can not use the gun’s full auto.
It will break blocks for other players who joined the world. This is Minecraft’s food bug that I presume cannot be fixed.

AceEntities Addon

Flying Cars – Drones

 Both of them can be changed using dye. You can also change drone’s equipment (Bow and Gun is only available for now)

Cars can be locked and unlocked

Instruction and recipes

When you join the world, you will get a book for instruction and recipes

AceEntities Addon

Note: If you don’t get any book on joining the world, then the Add-on hasn’t been imported properly


Added new:
+ 3D Minigun and Chainsaw
+ New zombie boss
+ More ToAru Characters
– Accelerator has learned some new abilities
– Fixed Azrroid Boss AI
– Updated Trade system
AceEntities Addon

👉 If you like our AceEntities v0.0.5, you can also check our Terrible World addon created by ociNNico, Sans Addon (Xans Update) created by H2Vwither123

Minecraft Gun Mod

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