Land Rover Discovery 4 Addon for MCPE

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Welcome to Land Rover Discovery 4 Addon. This add-on created using 13396 cubes for one month. It contains sweat and devotion of creator, so let enjoy this best car.

Cre: iMasterProX / CYBOX TEAM, Youtube

Features Land Rover Discovery

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Main Version

  • Spawn the car in creative mode. This addon includes 6 cars different
  • To ride the car, you need to equip the key (it has been replaced by saddle)
  • The car inventory is available on the car
  • The car always on headlight when you startup
  • Support: spawn, ride, trunk, steering wheel, car turn animations, light and traffic
  • Accel support
  • Up to 5 people
  • Support for English ( US, British ), Russian, Portuguese ( Portugal, Brasil ), Spanish ( Spain, Mexico ), French ( France, Quebec ), Dutch, Chinese ( China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao ), Japanese, Korean

How to drive Land Rover Discovery?

Main version

  • Using coal or charcoal to tame
  • Put a chest on the trunk
  • Equip the key(saddle) in the car
  • Accel with right-click or Speed button

Simple version

  • Ride the car and Move
  • Accel with right-click or Speed button

You cannot use the basic version and simple version at the same time.
Recommended for high-end devices (PC or iOS 13 or higher, Android 9 or higher)

Note from Creator

This add-on is only officially distributed in MCPE DL, MaMoCker, Umagong, Addons for Minecraft ( iOS, Android App ). Other than that, sharing is unofficial and cannot be guaranteed


– 8/13 Compatible with 1.16.2v
– 6/22 Update : 1.2.0, More Colors added, CYBOX Caravan addon compatibility
– 6/11 Update : 1.1.0, Simple version added.
– 6/10 Frist released.


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[…] Land Rover Discovery 4 Addon […]


[…] Land Rover Discovery 4 Addon […]

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