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The Flame of the Ancients – Quest for the Keepers – Part 2 of 5 of a Minecraft Escape Room Series presented

Cre: Chronicoverride (Youtube, Twitter)

The stakes are higher and things are ever more explosive. Do you have what ut takes to become a Keeper yourself?

Flame of the Ancients

master maps for minecraft

There is no mob that used and required to play in this creation map. Here you can see some of the captures

The timer begins when you enter this room!

Follow the text in the books to solve the puzzle to advance!

This one is all about perspective… Mazes and parkour! Don’t die or you will have to start from the beginning. If you let the light lead the way, you will be fine

This section call Temple Lava which is an ode to the Minecraft story mode – with a much more dangerous ending in the Flame of the Ancients map

master maps for minecraft

Who doesn’t love a good piston maze? Make sure you pay attention to your surroundings.

Good luck to you. It’s a lava maze!

Benthos eats, sleeps, and breathes parkour after breaking his leg on Monima’s parkour course in the Heart of the Sea. Even Monima herself refused to try Benthor’s new courses. Do you have what it takes?

Before Kronicle left the Red Complex in Benthor’s hands, he himself was the Keeper of the Flame of the Ancients. He performed many experiments, some worked, some didn’t. And Kronicle built this Throne as his place to sit and contemplate his ideas. Find out the secrets of the Throne Room and you will get ever closer to your escape.

Kronicle built a room to reflect on his past and all the things him through on his journey building the Red Complex. Always remember, things are not always what they seem. Be careful adventurers!

If you made it all the way, congratulations! Only the best of the best make it to this point.

Place high up on the list of considerations for our new round of Keepers. If you make it to this point, Benthor tells you that “It’s a struggle, but you have to keep going, cause in the end, it will ALL be worth it. Believe in yourself. Light your own flame and let it lead the way. I hope to see you on the other side, someday”


– Added: discord and youtube links
– Fixed: some chat command for Easter Egg Not Triggering
– Bug fixes in the Easter Egg Section


Flame of the Ancients

Download The Flame of the Ancients or here (Drive)

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master maps for minecraft

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[…] Flame of the Ancients […]


[…] Flame of the Ancients […]


[…] Flame of the Ancients […]

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