Conveyor Craft Add-On for Minecraft [v1.16+]

Let explore Conveyor Craft to watch what you can do with this addon.

Automate your world and transport items in a new way! That awesome. This alpha version includes 10 new custom blocks. It will help you a lot to make many cool things such as create your own factory

Cre: r4isen1920, Youtube, Twitter

New Steel Items in Conveyor Craft

Steel Alloy

This is a strong metal. You can use it for crafting new blocks. Instead of creating Netherite with Gold Ingots, let mix it with Iron Ingots instead

You can combine 9 steel alloys to create a steel block:

Block of Steel

Combine 9 Steel Alloy to make it resistant and tough against blasts or explosions

After crafting Block of Steels, it can be traded for Forge Table on a Tool Smith, where you can forge new Conveyor block items

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Creative Inventory listing

The blocks in Conveyor Craft are available in the creative inventory! However, due to current technical limitations, these blocks are currently placed on the ‘spawn eggs‘ section.

Obtaining Blocks & Items

Transport Blocks

Steel Conveyor Blocks

  • Moves items & entities in a slow, decent rate.
  • Available in four directions.

Usage Example:

Take the villager from point A to point B, without the need for minecarts in the direction the conveyor is facing at

Sticky Conveyor Blocks

  • Moves items & entities in a slow, decent rate.
  • Can move projectiles such as arrows, thrown trident & snowballs.
  • Can move items & some entities below it in the opposite direction.

Here is usage example:

End Conveyors

Accepts and teleport items to the End Conveyor of the same color. There are 16 different dye colors.

Different wool items with red, green, and blue colors respectively have been teleported to the other end conveyor.
If any conveyor is pointing at an end conveyor, it will send the items, otherwise, it will receive items from it.

Item Elevator

You can take items from the bottom point to the highest point, or downwards. Can move up to 4 item elevators at a time. It includes two types: upwards and downwards.

Item Junction

  • Takes items from up to multiple directions in a junction with the other.
  • Moves only items in a slow, decent rate.

Item Vacuum

Pulls the items in the direction it is facing while pushing it away in the opposite direction. Moves only items in a slow, decent rate.

Conveyor Lifter

Mobs & players will be lifted when they stand upon it, lift up around 5 blocks high

Automation Blocks – Conveyor Craft

Block Breaker

It will break the block in front of it and take around 12 seconds to do it. However, block breaker is not able to break extremely hard blocks (like Bedrock). It available up to 4 different directions

Laser Block

It will shoot a laser at the block which facing it (up to 5 blocks far) and lowly incinerates the block whenever it touches ( it will deals damage to mobs as well)

It includes up to 4 different directions. You should be careful because when the items touch the laser, it will be incinerated


Conveyor Craft Addon:
– Added new automation blocks
+ The block breaker
+ Laser block
– Removed forge table, there has a new crafting recipe in the next update
– Tweaked item and block textures.


Conveyor Craft

or here (gg drive)

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[…] If you like our this addon, you can also check our Conveyor Craft Add-On; The Bike […]


[…] If you like our this addon, you can also check our Conveyor Craft Add-On; Easy Bonsai […]

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