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Block Warfare

Block Warfare adds survival friendly, ultra low poly,13 guns. Highly compatible with other mods. Cre: Chromite MaxCrit (Youtube) Block Warfare Ak-47:DMG-5 Scar-L:DMG-6 SIG MCX Spear:DMG-7 SIG MCX Virtus:DMG-8 SVD:DMG-8 SAKO TRG 42:DMG-18 Colt...

Encanto – Casota Madrigal

The new Disney movie called Encanto has arrived in Minecraft! Now you can visit the madrigal family house, the house is identical to the...

One Blocco Revamped [Survival Map]

Basically, One Blocco Revamped is just a sky block, only standing on one block! You have to mine or destroy that block to get...

Jungle Tree House | Minecraft Map

Life in a treehouse in Minecraft that makes you want to try? Let's come to the Jungle Tree House map and explore the house...

Achievement World [Survival] | Minecraft PE Maps

Come to Achievement World where you can earn most of the common Minecraft achievements and also help your friends earn them too! Cre: GoldenSubz, Twitter,...

Islands of Eden [Survival] | Minecraft [CTM]

Come and explore a bunch of sky islands in the Islands of Eden survival map. In this map, you need to find wool blocks...

Fallout PE Minecraft Map [Survival]

This survival map is based on the famous post-apocalyptic Fallout game and is set in the world of 200 years after the nuclear war....

Zenith Survival | Minecraft Pe Map

This is a huge custom terrain map in survival mode. Zenith Survival was created with a purpose to bring new fresh of breath... Cre:...

Recent posts

Water Splash Addon (1.19)

Do you want to see the splash effect in the 1.18 trailer in the game? the Water Splash Addon will ad a similar effect...

Rotten Creatures (Bedrock) Addon for Minecraft

Rotten Creatures addon adds a variety of zombies that will make survival more difficult. This Rotten Creatures add-on is recreated of Javamod, by the...

Bzf Furniture Addon for Minecraft

Explore over 100+ pieces of furniture into Bzf Furniture Addon with working appliances and cool features. This update added new more stuff and fixed...

Deluxe Life

The imaginative map Deluxe Life is located on an island. Its main building is a contemporary mansion beside the water. In the dock of...

Naruto Jedy Addon V8 Update | Crystal

A cool naruto mod minecraft makes by a Brazilian fan for other fans - Naruto Jedy Addon with texture and models are completely innovative,...
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