Texture PacksFused Lush Leaves - Bushy Leaves Texture Pack

Fused Lush Leaves – Bushy Leaves Texture Pack

Are you bored of vanilla Minecraft trees? And you want some bushy-looking trees? Then this texture pack is for you! Bushy Leaves Texture pack will change the model of Leaves to a Bushy, and it also adds Sakura Birch and Yellow Birch!

Creator: Fused Bolt

How the leaves look like:


Important Info

  • It is recommended to use this texture pack with High render distance and shaders.
  • The leaves will only wave with shaders which support waving crops.
  • PC users need to select PC compatible leaves by clicking the GEAR icon after applying, you can also choose between sakura birch by clicking the gear icon after applying.


  • Removed all other models for leaves and only kept the bushy one
  • Removed the log models
  • New texture for all the leaves
  • Added Sakura birch
  • Added Yellow birch
  • Added PC compatible leaves
  • Gave the pack a complete overhau;

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