DreamSMP Pandora’s Vault World

I guess you have heard about the famous server that consists of content creators and improves role-playing (like Dream SMP?) Are you curious about what’s inside those servers? DreamSMP Pandora’s Vault will show you a huge facility with tight security! It will recreation the famous prison known as Pandora’s Vault.

Cre: MINIPRO27YT, Youtube, Twitter

DreamSMP Pandora’s Vault

The spawn:

When you open the world, you will spawn in a flat land, there is no structure inside except some villages and grotesquely massive prison in front of you

First phase DreamSMP Pandora’s Vault

Go to the lobby and press the button inside the small building with a portal inside, you will go enter the prison

Once you are inside the prison of DreamSMP Pandora’s Vault, you will see yourself inside the receptionist lobby of the warden. Take a look at some levers and buttons on the wall that lead and control different functions of the rooms, like the lockers and the isolation room to clean the visitor

DreamSMP Pandora's Vault

Next phase DreamSMP Pandora’s Vault

You respawn on an open space leading through the vault. To cross the gap you have to activate the bridge and afterward be able to open/close both the vault door and the cell door

Use the staircase above the vault to guards for security also maintenance

Now unlock the vault door, first, you will see the primary cells used for checking people have problematic

Walking through the hallway will lead you to the courtyard and water passage, swim through the next level

Walking up the stairs you will reach the final phase of getting visit the main cell prisoner

There have controls to activate and deactivate the lava fall, barrier, and the bridge to take the visitor to the prisoner. Once they are finished conversations, the guard will send you back via harmful potions which will help you respawn in a nearby bed

Go back and you will go enter the guard’s rooms and secret entrances. Let go back to the staircase above the vault door, go inside hallways and it will lead to storage, ender pearl static chambers, serenity maintenance

DreamSMP Pandora's Vault

You should be careful bcz you can get lost. There are a variety of hallways that could lead to a few elevators, maintenance balcony, and the main cell respawning bed, even a way in and out above the prison used by guard

To escape DreamSMP Pandora Vault, it’s hard work! The surveillance the guard is not only watching outside of the towers but also surveillance balconies above ceilings, through walls, and even beneath the floor that can see through everything.


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