Invasion Code Red [BETA_2]

An addon that adds more hostile and bosses into your game!Invasion Code Red addon is still WIP and will receive. Updates so let me know if there are bugs I needed to fix.

An addon that adds hostile mobs a.d bosses into your world

Creator: Xndgoat (Youtube)

Invasion Code Red

Mob 1

Zombie cow has a chance of spawning naturally at dark areas, will slow you down if it hits you, has more healt and slower than the average zombie.

Invasion Code Red

Mob 2

Zombie chicken can also spawn naturally and is weaker than a normal human zombie, but watch out, they are fast!

Invasion Code Red

Mob 3 

Hound illager, this weird looking ravagers are fast and unpredictable! evokers has a low chance of spawning them so be carefull

Invasion Code Red

Now here are the bosses, so spoiler alert!


Boss 1

Mother creeper, unlike any other creeper this one doesn’t explode, but it could summon normal creepers, still you need to be careful because it’s big hammer like head is ready to dunk you off

(This boss is still work in progress, it cannot spawn naturally in survival)

Health: 650

Attack dmg: 19

Unique abilities: creeper summoning

Invasion Code Red

Boss 2

Spite wing is a powerful evoker that fused himself to a vex, they can fly and gets harder to hit when flying, he also carry their trusty legendary iron sword anytime

Health: 600

Melee dmg: 12

Spin attack dmg: 13

Unique abilities: can summon 9 vexes and will fly if you try to escape, they can also heal

Drops: 4 random enchantment books and 2 totem of undying, and sometimes his legendary iron sword

Invasion Code Red

Boss 3

Revenger man is a super illager, he has super speed and strength and laser eyes, and the best part is he is also immune to anything! But wait how can we defeat him then???

Well… There are 2 ways, his weakness is copper!

Health: 680

punch Damage: 19

Kick damage: 25

Drops: book of immunity enchantment books and emeralds

Unique abilities: super punches and kicks, laser eyes, flying

Weaknesses: copper ingot.

You interact using copper ingot to revenger to damage him, you can also place copper blocks to scare him away for a little while

The second way of defeating him is waiting, there’s a small chance he would put himself in weak state without any copper interactions

Invasion Code Red

Boss 4 

Ravager Hunter 

Ravager Hunter is a stronger vindicator that can use a bow when your away, he has a pet ravager stonecutter to protect him

Health: 230

pet health: 200

melee dmg:  17

Pet melee dmg: 5

Unique abilities:

can block and switch weapons. It will transform into stonecutter man if it dies

Invasion Code Red

Ravager Hunter phase 2 (STONECUTTER MAN!!)

Stonecutter man is powerful and fast, his speed and damage and defense varies based on what attack his performing,


contact dmg: 9 to 11

Melee dmg: 25 to 39

Drops: cuccita sword and stonecutter

Unique abilities: he can revive himself  5 times

Block breaker: will break stone, wood, and folagie related type of blocks

they can also Burst attack to deal massive damage and Speedtackles 

Invasion Code Red

Boss 5

Quentin The Evoker:

 is a high rank evoker in the illager empire that most illagers respects, he is slow but deadly so better start dodging


Attack: 13 to 24 (depends on the attack)

Unique abilities:

Rage: the lower the HP goes the more powerful he gets

Battlespeed: after performing a melee attack, Quentin will gain a speed boost in a very short amount of time 

Arrow rain: Quentin will shoot you with his endless amount of arrows

Mighty shield: will block any damage

(This boss is unfinished and will still receive changes )

Invasion Code Red

Boss 6


an illager that wears in red clothing and high accuracy at throwing metal stars


Projectile damage: 9

Unique abilities: 

Self cloning, Red star will summon clones to help her in battle

Clone HP: 1

Dodge: will Dodge melee attacks 

Weakness: projeciles

(This boss is unfinished and will still receive changes )

Invasion Code Red

Boss 7

Fire wall

An ancient powerful blaze that posses a shield like rods to protect itself from projectiles


Projectile damage: 1 to 10 

Unique abilities and mechanics:

Shieldreak: meele attacks has a chance of breaking firewalls shield that could put you in advantage

Shield Regen: Firewall can bring it’s shield back in 10 seconds, best you can do is to hit it while it’s trying to bring it’s sheild back

Invasion Code Red

Projectile immunity: Firewall will be immune to projectile damage in his normal shield state

Hot spin: Firewall will spin it’s shield to deal area FIRE damage to enemy nearby, you can massively decrease the damage if you drink a fire resistance potion 

Blaze call: Firewall will summon blazes to help him in battle

(This boss is unfinished and will still receive changes )

Invasion Code Red

Boss 8:

Purpur guy

The man behind the slaughter and raids that tried to mimick the power of orb of dominace to his own advantage


Knife attack damage: 16

Choke magic damage:14

Unique abilities: 

Choke spell: purpur guy will be able to choke it’s target in a distance using magic dealing damage to said target

Golem summoning: Purpurguy will summon different types animalistic golem to help him out in battle

Enchanting: Purpur guy will enchant himself to gain extra defense 

(This boss is unfinished and will still receive changes )

Invasion Code Red

The illagers mentioned above are ;

bosses, you’ll need to prepare to be able to defeat them, they will be found in raids so be sure to be prepared if you want to start one!

You’ll need golden apples

Enchanted gear and weapons

And skills ofc

Hostile wand:

It’s an item that can make the all illager bosses in this addon hostile to anything, why? for mob battle purposes 🙂 (note, this item doesn’t work to other mobs and add-on)

Invasion Code Red


Is an item that is as strong as diamond sword and can cut wood faster!

It can also give you Regen 2 when you hit an entity using it

Invasion Code Red

Some addons Minecraft PE you can check in


new update changelogs


*Ravager Hunter/stonecutter man not spawning in raids.

* Stonecutter man not regenerating when in death state.

*Addon zombie variants spawneggs name fixed.

*Removed “zom:cow” (unused cow mob) from the creative inventory.


*stonecuttermans health is decreased, 500+ to 490 hp.

*Revenger man punch damage increased.

*Revenger man laser damage increased.

Revenger man no longer take damage at explosion in his weakstate.

*spitewing now drops amethyst shards.

*removed enchanted books from

spitewings loot table.

*spitewing melee attack range increased.

*spitewing now have a little bobbing

animation when moving.

*decreased zombie spawnings.

*decreased spitewing vexes and added large vexes to his spawn move.

*boss spawnrate chance increased in raids, feedback for this change would be appreciated.

*Mother creeper no longer chat “!!!!!” when summoning creepers.

* Stonecutter man attack1 melee range increased.

* revenger no longer take fall damage in his weakstate.

*removed fire aspect enchantment to spitewings sword.

*added sharpness 2 to spitewings sword.

*decreased legendary iron swords durability.

New features:

Added unique spawnegg textures for zombie animal variants.

Added purpur dagger.

Added illiam afton/purpur guy.

Added fredderick.

Added Chico.

Added Fire Wall

Added Quentin the evoker

Added Red star

Added large vex

Added illager_096

Added War veteran

Added explosion stomp move for revengerman.

Added flying bow attack to spitewing.

Planned features in the future updates:

*Structures for some bosses

*copper golems (counter for revenger)

*plant golems

*Spite fang (illager merged with evoker fang)

*King illager (the greatest illager that rules)

*UFO (unsure about this one)

*Redeemed man horn (revenger man redeemed version)

An item that can call redeemed man for 120 seconds.          

Invasion Code Red
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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